Pink With Punk Rock Look

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Pink has styled her hair with punk rock look that is a perfect way of styling the hair if you want to get a unique look. This hairstyle can be worn by teens to make them look completely different and you must wear the perfect dress to make it look attractive. You can create this look by using your hands and few simple styling products such as hair gel, straightening iron.
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To get hairstyle such as Pink, first clean the hair and maintain it damp during the styling process. Next spray the hair with a texturizing spray and spread the hairspray all over the hair with the help of your fingers. Now take the blow dryer long with the paddle brush for making the hair dry. Move the dryer upward and sideways around your head to make the hair fully dry. Use the hairspray once again all over the hair and use a straightening iron over the hair by taking it outward. The hair must look fully straight, o place a mirror in front of you during the styling process. Now apply a small amount of gel in your hands and apply it over the hair and try to mix little amount of smoothing serum with the gel to make your hairstyling easy. Make sure to use the mixed product over the hair ends and move towards the root of your hair.

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Lupita Nyong’o With Bald Fade Look

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There are different types of fade look that can be achieved with your hair. One of the most common and easy fade look is the bald fade that can be created with few simple styling method. This type of hairstyle is mostly worn by men when compared to women to create a unique look and Lupita Nyong’o is one among them.
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First comb your hair outward from crow of the head and take the electric clipper with highest setting. Then keep your blade away from tip of your clipper guard create a guard line around the head as usual. Keep your clipper as flat as possible over your face to make it move towards upward and cut the hair from bottom of your sideburn over the head. Try to cut your hair all over the head as usual and make the hair on top of the head to stay as it is. Make sure that the sides of your hair are completely bald. Now cut your hair that is left on top over the head by placing your clipper with the highest setting and maintain the hair over your head near the guard line. Continue the same method to cut your hair from front of your ear and move around back of the head towards the other side of your head. At last comb your hair straight down using the clipper to create a simple looking straight line.

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Hairstyle With Scrunched Look

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Scrunched look in your hair can look good, but to achieve it you must follow the right technique which can be slightly difficult for some of the people. Those who have a tightly wound curly hair and craving beach tussled waves will be able to remove the frizz to create this type of hairstyle. Most of the people will try to use lot of styling products to style such a hair and it can be achieved them by following these simple steps. Try to select the best styling product to style the hair as it can give stiffer curls.
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First wash the hair and condition it using a texturizing shampoo. Get the conditioners that are used for on curly hair as it can be the best choice for a scrunched hairstyle and it can also avoid broken or split ends. Remove the excess water from the hair and remove the tangles or knots with a wide-toothed comb or vent brush. Apply a little amount of leave in conditioner all over your hair and finger comb it properly. Next use a diffuser on the hairdryer and then tip the head over while drying the hair from the roots to the ends. Scrunch your hair between the hands into small sections and then try to keep it slightly damp. Flip the head right side up and scrunch it by holding hairdryer. Finally apply a generous amount of finishing product in your hands and spread it over the hair.

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