Steps To Maintain Lazy Curls

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Lazy curls in your hair can give a good look, but most of time it will lose the shape that can cause frizz. There are ways that can be useful in making the lazy curls to stay in it place. This can help the curls to flow around your head just like natural curls in the hair. Try to wash the hair with curls 2 days in a week to maintain the moisture in your hair that can make the curls to stay in perfect shape.
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First clean the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and condition it. Try to rinse the hair after applying a hair conditioner and you can also mist the hair with leave-in hairspray after the shampoo process. Apply a small amount of hair gel all over the strands of your hair and style the curls using your fingers. Move your fingers with the gel from middle of the hair and gently move to the hair ends. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as it can make the curls to dry removing the curly look. In case you want to dry the hair with the blow dryer, try to attach he diffuser along with it. Use the curling iron for creating the shape in your curls and style them with your fingers. Don’t comb the hair with hair brush as it can make the curls look flat.

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Steps To Maintain Biracial Hair

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Biracial hair involves a difficult process to maintain for most of the people and it also needs special attention during the styling. Apart from using few particular products, you must use proper methods and processes to make them look good. Different hair types need differing levels of styling steps and you can use the following procedure to suit only specific needs of a biracial hair. This method can help to make your hair look naturally healthy and beautiful.
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Try to wash the hair with a high quality shampoo and then condition it with a moisturizing cream. Pat the hair dry with a clean towel. Then comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and spread a curl-enhancing cream to soften the curls. Divide sections of the hair and use smooth conditioner or cream through the ends. Leave the hair to dry naturally because using heat may damage the hair. Next apply natural oil to the locks before starting the blow drying process. Try to use a bonnet style blow dryer which can be less damaging than a blow dryer. Use the ceramic flat iron with lowest setting to straighten the hair. Pin the hair up in sections to straighten the hair at the neck first and move from section to section, base of the scalp to tips of the hair. Finally spread an anti-frizz serum all over the hair to straighten it and also to maintain sheen.

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Methods To Maintain Smooth Hair At Home

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Making the hair look smooth can give a good to the hairstyle that you are planning to create. But you can smoothen your hair by using few hairstyling products that are considered to be expensive. There are also few homemade products that can be used on the hair to make it smooth. The hair can become dull and loose its smoothness due to various reasons, but one of the main reasons can be humid weather.
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Always comb the hair very gently to prevent broken ends which are one of the best solutions to make your hair smooth. Those who have a curly hair can feel that their hair will become dry very often, so don’t wash the hair on daily basis with the shampoo to maintain the smoothness. Try to brush the hair with the help of a wide-toothed brush and leave the hair to dry naturally without using any type of hairstyling tools. Cut the hair to get rid of split ends and apply a good amount of hair conditioner. People with curly hair can use olive oil for massaging it into the hair to deep condition the hair. Leave the olive oil in your hair for about 30 minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo. Avoid styling your hair with the tools such as hair straightener as they can remove the shine out of your hair during the first time itself.

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Steps To Create And Maintain Spinning Hair Waves

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Spinning hair waves is one of the most difficult hairstyles that is worn by only few people all over the world. This hairstyle can give a trendy look and it is normally created by a hair specialist. There are also other ways that can be used to achieve the same style at home. Here are few ways that can help for treating this hairstyle in a proper way.
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Go to hairstylist to cut your hair into one and half inches long and then wash your hair. Apply hair pomade in the hands and spread it throughout your hair in a gentle manner. Take a towel which is dampened with hot water for covering the head for about 3 minutes to make the pomade used on the hair to melt. Next comb your hair towards to back of the head and just below your crown diagonally over the ear on both the sides of your head to create a connecting area at the front as well as at the back of your head. Now use a wave cap to cover the head for about half an hour or you can sleep with the cap on for a night. Use the same method on the other day to create waves in a proper way. To maintain the hair in a perfect shape avoid brushing the hair after wave cap is removed from your head for about two weeks.

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Steps To Maintain Frizzy Curls

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Frizzy curls can give a hard time for most of the women as they will not stay in one place. You can use a hairstyling product for keeping the frizzy curls in place. Try to keep the styling products such as anti-frizz cream, flat iron and hair brush. One of the best way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair is making it straight. You can also styling product to achieve the same look, but it can control frizz only for some time and hair will start to lose its texture after few hours.
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First comb your entire hair using the brush and start applying the anti-frizz cream all over. Then take a small section of hair use the flat iron on this section from top to bottom. Make sure it has been straightened completely before moving on to the other hair section. Maintain the flat iron with 350 degree and using more heat on the hair can serious damage to it. By doing this on the entire hair section the curls will start to become straight and the frizz will be removed completely. Straightening the hair is the only way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair and using other methods can keep the frizz under control for few minutes. The same technique can be used on other types of hair that looks frizzy. Be careful while using the flat iron on your hair and don’t keep it on the hair for a long time.

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Using Tomato Juice To Maintain Blond Hair

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There are several ways to make the hair look blonde and the best natural way is using the tomato juice. Most of the time people with blonde hair will find green shades on the hair and this mainly happens when they enter into the swimming pools. You can follow this simple step for getting back the original blonde color in your hair.
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You must use this method before taking a bath and leave the tomato juice on the hair for some time. First take 8 oz tomato juice in a bowl and start applying it over the hair section by section. Try to use the tomato juice over the hair as well as the scalp on your head with the help of your fingers. Leave the hair with tomato juice for at least 15 minutes which will make it to enter into the hair and take the green shades out of your hair. Now you can rinse the hair until it becomes free from the tomato juice. Make sure that the tomato juice has been fully taken out of your hair and then use a normal shampoo for washing the hair. If you still find the green shades in your hair after following this method, continue this process once again till the hair gets back its actual color. After this process you must condition the hair with proper techniques. Use hair conditioner as well the shampoo that can add moisture in the hair naturally.

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