Maintaining Pixie Haircut With Any Poof

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A pixie haircut is the most liked hairstyle for most of the celebrities who have short hair. In case you are planning to create same type of hairstyle on your own, sometimes it may look slightly poofy. There are few things that must be taken care while styling your hair in this way. Make sure to apply a normal hair gel over your hair and style it using a comb.
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First go to a hairstylist to cut your hair in this manner and visit them on regular basis to maintain the pixie look in the same way. After getting the pixie haircut, try to comb your hair to make it free from knots as they are the main reason that can cause the poof in hair. The knots will easily come out if you simply brush them out with a comb when the hair is short. Mist the hair with water before styling it and brush the hair in their natural direction. At last apply a little amount of gel in your hands and spread it all over the hair. By applying the hair gel you will be able to create a texturized look in your hair and you can create a sleek look by applying more amount of gel over the hair. Just comb the hair as usual after using the gel to keep it in place without any poof look.

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Maintaining Brown Hair Without Red Shades

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Having a brown colored hair can give a good look for most of the people, but sometime the color of your hair will start to change into red. The brown hair can be easily maintained, but it can turn red that can spoil your entire look. Always color your hair with a branded coloring product or get help from a hair specialist and get suggestions to maintain your hair in a proper way.
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The first option is using the right hair coloring product for coloring your hair. Avoid using the hair coloring product that features auburn or gold as it can give a brassy look. Wash the hair using a shampoo that has been specially designed to treat the colored hair and apply the conditioner. There are lot of brands that provide shampoo and hair conditioner specially made to be used on the colored hair. Avoid washing your hair using hard water as it contains mineral deposits that can change the color of your hair.  There are shampoos that feature chelates which can easily remove the minerals out of your hair that causes brassy hair. Don’t wash the color hair on daily basis as it can maintain the hair coloring the same way for a long time. Try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat while going out in the sun as it can fade you hair color very easily.

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Maintaining Rooster Hairstyle

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Rooster hairstyle has been one of the unique way of styling the hair that was popularized by some of the celebrities. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who to create a unique look with their short hair. It can also give a very funny look when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the teens in the present day like to style their hair in this way. After creating this hairstyle it is important to maintain it in a proper way.
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First cut excess of your hair with the help of scissors and mainly near your ears as well as forehead. Now try to cut your hair at the sides of the head and shave your head with the help of a half inch guard starting from back of the head and move to the front part over the head. Leave one and half inch hair strip down the middle of the head and take guard off your clipper for just shaving sides or other parts of the hair over your head without touching the middle hair strip. You can also style and create a shape over the middle hair strip in different ways like flat. Use the guard and clippers for removing the excess of hair over the top to maintain a proper height over the head. Try to maintain this hairstyle using the hair guard clippers to make it look same always.

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Maintaining Afro Hair Soft

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Having an afro hair can be disturbing for some of the people as it will be hard to manage. There are ways that can be followed to make the afro hair look soft without using any special products. You can just condition the afro hair to keep it healthy for a long time.
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Always wash the afro hair with a suitable shampoo which is one of the most important step in maintaining the afro hair. Some of the shampoo can make the hair weak and even make it look dry. Use the shampoo that has moisturizer and has no alcohol for washing the hair on regular basis. Then use the best hair conditioner for the deep conditioning process to keep the hair moisturized. Use your hands to spread the conditioner on the hair and leave it on for few minutes to make it enter into the scalp before starting the rinsing process. Always dry the hair using only a normal towel and avoid using a hair dryer. In case you want to dry the hair fast use the hair dryer with low setting. Drying the hair naturally can be the best way for keeping the afro hair smooth. Finally style your hair with your fingers only and don’t use a hair brush. You can apply moisturizing oil throughout the hair as it is the best suitable product for styling the afro hair.

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Maintaining Straightness In Hair Overnight

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Keeping the hair straight overnight can be a difficult process for some of the people. Some of them will try to use heat for keeping the hair straight in the night which can be harmful for the hair. There are ways that can be followed to maintain the straightness in your hair without using heat. Making the hair straight can give a hard time for some of them, but maintaining it in a proper way is also important. You can just use hairspray, boar-bristle comb and hair clip to do this.
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To keep the hair straight without using heat, first you must divide the hair layer on top of the head and secure it using hair clip. Then mist the hair layers at the lower part of your head with a silicone-based hair straightening spray which can keep the frizz away from your hair. Next brush the lower part of hair using a boar-bristle comb and use more hairspray during this process if required. Now take the upper hair layer that was secured before and make it fall on its own. Then comb this part of your hair and mist it with same hairspray. Before going to bed, try to cover the pillow with satin pillowcase and lie down as usual. In the morning you can just comb the hair using boar-bristle comb. The hair will look silky as well as smooth in the morning if you follow this technique in a proper way.

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Maintaining A Scrunched Hair With Hair Pins

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Having a scrunched hair can be difficult to maintain for most of the people and this can cause bad hairstyle. You can secure the scrunched hair with the help of hair pins, so it makes your hairstyle look good. You must also use hairspray and styling comb along with the hair pins.
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First take a section of hair and try to twist it with the help of your hand and make sure that hair sections are properly combed without any flyaways. Then take the hair pins and hold this hair section in place. Try to use the same method on the remaining hair sections for using the hair pins for keeping the scrunched hair in place. You can also leave few hair strands to fall on their hair which can be wrapped in your fingers to create the curl pattern. The hair strands can be left to fall in front of the head or you can use the same hair pins for keeping them secured in place. Next use the hairspray over the scrunched hair that has been secured in place using the hair pins. Then sit under the hair dryer to make the hair dry completely or you can make it dry naturally. Once the hair gets dry, try to take the hair pins out which will make it easily stay in its place without any support. Try keeping the hair pins in place if your hair starts to fall out.

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Maintaining Curly Hair Before Straightening Process

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Making the curly hair straight with the help of a conditioner is very simple. Before starting the styling make sure to find the hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Then follow this simple technique for making the hair as straight as possible. The hair conditioner must be used on the hair without fail before starting the styling process to prevent any kind of damage to your hair. Never use too much heat styling tools on the hair as they can be harmful to the hair.
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Only a hair conditioner will not make your hair straight as it can be useful in making the hair strong as well as healthy. Once you try to make the hair straight the damage caused by the styling toll will be very less. First select the right hair conditioner to be used on the hair and once the hair starts to become thick, try to follow the hair straightening process. Always wash the hair before using the hair conditioner and use the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Make sure to rinse your hair fully to get rid of the shampoo before using the conditioner. Next dry the hair with blow drying process and try to use the round brush during this process. To make your hair straight permanently try to use the product such as Keratin or there are also other products that can be used for achieving straight hair on temporary basis.

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Maintaining Hair While Extending Relaxing Process

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Hair relaxers can be used on any type of hair and you must treat the hair properly for at least 4-5 weeks after the hair relaxing process. In order to make the hair strong as well as healthy extend the relaxing process for at least 6 months. Use a hair conditioner on the hair once in a week after washing it with a normal shampoo while extending the hair relaxing process.
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First take care of your newly grown hair by using deep conditioner. This can maintain the straight look in your hair for a long time. Use a deep conditioner that features fatty acids which are very important for hair strands that already exist and the new one also. Maintain the moisture in your hair always and don’t leave the hair to dry. Making the hair dry can spoil the entire look of the relaxed hair. Use hair oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or others suitable for your hair type as they can maintain the hairstyle in its actual shape. Hair oil is considered to be the best product to retain the moisture in your hair. Always style your hair with a normal styling process and stay away from high maintenance hairstyle. Once the hair relaxing process is done in a proper way, you can style the hair in different shapes as per your desire. Try to keep the hair wrapped till the relaxing process is undergone in the hair.

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Maintaining Hair Clippers Properly

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Hair clippers have been the most used tool while trimming the hair at home. It is also considered to be much cheaper when compared to the haircut that at saloon. There are few things that can make the clippers difficult to use, but you can fix them very easily that purchasing a new clipper.
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If your hair clippers fail to operate, first check the electrical outlet in which it has been plugged in. Avoid keeping the clipper by wrapping the power cord around its case as it can make it damaged easily. Try to recharge the clippers before the battery goes down completely. You must also clean the blades in the clippers after using it once to prevent unnecessary buildup that can cause severe damage to the blades. In case the there are rust found on the blades, try to wipe them using isopropyl alcohol. Always follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer of the hair clippers and follow it in a perfect manner. Make the blades sharp by taking it to the sharpening service if you have purchased an expensive hair clipper. Use few drops of oil if you find that the clippers making sound. Try to using lubricant oil for this process if you are not able to find the right oil product. Most of the hair clippers blade will remain sharp for a long time if you maintain them in a proper way by cleaning them on regular basis.

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Maintaining A Braided Hair Healthy

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There are different techniques that are used by people all around the world to maintain their hair healthy. But some of them fail to keep the braided hair healthy which can lead to hair loss. You must follow important steps to maintain the hair healthy if it has been braided for a long time. The main thing in maintaining the braided hair healthy is keeping them clean by washing regularly.
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The first thing that must be kept in mind is braiding the hair when it is not color treated. If you try to braid the hair that has been recently colored, it can become brittle. Before braiding the natural hair, try to apply a deep hair conditioner all over which can be useful in keeping your hair in a perfect condition. Use a standard shampoo for washing the hair on daily basis and after the braiding process also use the shampoo for washing the hair which can be helpful in the growth of your hair. It is also important to dry the braided hair perfectly and leaving the hair damp can cause knots in them. Never use any type of hairsprays or hairstyling products that feature oily content as it can spoil the entire look. Try to using natural oil instead of hairsprays as it can support the hair in its growth. Don’t leave the braid in your hair for a long period of time as it can lead to hair fall.

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