Getting Malibu Treatment At Home

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Malibu treatment is usually used for treating the hair that has been damaged with the hard water. This treatment features anti-oxidants that are used for taking the copper, iron and calcium out of your hair. Most of them go to a saloon to get this treatment done, but you can also do the same at home. This the natural way of getting the Malibu treatment done on your hair without going to a hairstylist and there is no chemicals involved in this process.
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First take instant lemonade and mix it with water to create paste as per your desire. Then mist the hair with water so it can become slightly damp. Next apply the mixture over the hair from top to bottom just like using the hair conditioner. After covering the entire hair try to use a towel to wrap the head or you can also use a shower cap. Let the hair to set for about fifteen minutes and take the cover out of the head. Now you can wash the hair as normally you would do with a shampoo. Use this method at least one time in a month to treat the hair in a perfect manner. While using the lemonade paste for the first time it can be slightly sting your hair similar to the actual Malibu treatment and there is no to worry about this. Try to mix the instant lemonade depending upon the length of your hair.

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