Coloring Gray Hair With Matrix Color

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Matrix hair color is a demi-permanent dye that is known to stay on your hair for two months only. The color on your hair will look will look in perfect form on each strands after applying this color which will give a completely natural look. You must follow important steps while applying this color on gray hair.
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First take the matrix hair color out of the box and mix it in a bowl with the help of tint brush. Wear the hand gloves that are provided along with the product before starting your process. Then apply the color on your hair using tint brush from top to end starting from the root and move gently to the end of your hair. Let the color stay on your hair for about half an hour or the time mentioned on the coloring product. Wear a shower cap during this time to make the color to dry on your hair. Then you can simply rinse the entire hair using warm water and spread a small amount of conditioner all over the hair. You must only apply the conditioner on your hair that is provided along with the coloring product. Next rinse your hair conditioner using normal water and let it dry naturally. Don’t use any type of hair dryer during the drying process as it can make the hair to look dry without any shine.

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