Treating Synthetic Weave That Is Matted

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Matted synthetic hair weave can easily get tangled if you fail to treat it properly. You must put extra care while taking the tangles out of the weave to prevent it from getting damaged. Just use the following method for making the synthetic hair free from its tangles.
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First go through your hair to find out the tangles in the weave and keep the remaining hair separated with a hair clip. Take small part of hair that has been matted without putting any pressure to prevent hair from pulled out of the root. Hold the hair section in your one hand and use the other to remove the tangles gently by brushing it with your fingers from the end to the roots of the hair. Never try to detangle the matted hair from its root as you may pull out the hair too hard causing hair breakage. Once you have completely brushed the hair section with your fingers try to mist the fingers for brushing it again very gently. Now you must use the same hairspray for misting it over the hair section that was detangled. Use wide-toothed brush for combing the entire hair part from bottom to its roots. Continue the same process on the remaining hair section that has been matted. Wash the hair with cold water and use a normal shampoo during this process. Avoid using heat styling tools on the synthetic hair weave as it can burn them.

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