Methods To Add Micro Loop Hair Extension

micro loop extension micro loop extension2
Micro bead extensions are available with a ring attached to it that can be easily applied to the natural hair using only glue. Most of the people normally use the extension with the right extension tools as it is made with human hair which can be styled by anyone. To start, first you must make a simple part in your hair and create a hair section that must look like a horseshoe.
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Next try to create vertical part at the sides of the head from one ear to your crown section. Then comb the hair in front of the head and keep it secured in place. Try to create sections with the remaining hair about horizontally at the rear side of the head in the middle of your crown and the nape. Secure your hair section over the top of your head with the help of duckbill clips. Pull out half inch hair near your neck and send the hooking inside micro loop from hair extension by taking 15 strands just between the thumb as well as forefinger. Now insert it just inside the tip of your hooking device and slide the micro loop extension simply over its stem and hair strands. Make sure to keep it just 1/4 inch away from the scalp and place your clamping tool on the micro loop for pressing it tightly which can make it stay along with actual hair.

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Methods To Make Kanekalon Curly

curl kanekalon curl kanekalon2
Curling a Kanekalon is a simple process that can be done at home than visiting a hair specialist. The Kanekalon is available in different types such as braids, kinky extensions and more along with more than 100 color options. There is no need to use any type of curling iron to achieve this look as you can do this by following these simple techniques. You can apply bigger rods to create loose curls and thin rods to get tight curls in the Kanekalon.
curl kanekalon3 curl kanekalon4

curl kanekalon5 curl kanekalon6
To make the Kanekalon curly, first take the Kanekalon lock for winding it with the salon rod before dipping it into the hot water. Leave it in the water for about 15 seconds and gently wipe it using a normal towel to make it dry. Once the Kanekalon becomes fully dry take the rod carefully and start to unwind the Kanekalon out of the rod. Now you can see that the Kanekalon has been completely curled. The curl in the Kanekalon will stay in its original shape for many shampoo washes. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as they can cause damage to the Kanekalon and the Kanekalon is also not recommended for heat styling. The Kanekalon is normally used in the hair extensions as well as hair weaves. You must give same priority to the Kanekalon which is given to the wig to prevent any damage.

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Methods To Hair For Round Face

round face haircut round face haircut2
Having a round face needs a good haircut to make it look beautiful. There are few haircuts where the layers are left long to make the face look narrow. Here are few things that can be considered while getting a haircut for the round face. You can create any type of hairstyle with the round face, but it is important that the length of the hair must be medium or long. Creating a short haircut can make the face look bad and it is also not recommended.
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round face haircut5 round face haircut6
The hairstyle that needs to be avoided with the round face is the bob as it can spoil your entire look. Try to select the haircut that can keep your hair medium to long in length. You must create the length and it must draw your eye down to make the face look wide. There is no need to keep the hair width as you will be making the hair look longer. Try to add volume at the bottom of your hair than getting it done all over. Avoid getting the hairstyle where the hair will start to move across your face. You can also add more volume in the hair on top of the head, but it can only create the illusion of a long hair. Stay away from the hairstyle that will be able to create horizontal line at the widest area of your face.

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Methods To Maintain Semipermanent Hair Color

semipermanent color semipermanent color2
Semipermanent hair colors are the best solution to change the color of your hair on temporary basis. It has been specially developed without any harsh chemicals that can prevent hair damage. The semipermanent color can stay in your hair for at least 8-10 washes with shampoo. There are ways to make the semipermanent color to stay on your hair for a long time. Just follow these steps at home to make the color stay longer on your hair.
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semipermanent color5 semipermanent color6
The first option while leaving the hair with semipermanent color is to know that it doesn’t feature peroxide and ammonia. Try to rinse the hair using cold water and apply white vinegar all over the hair as it can maintain the color for a long time. Vinegar is known to increase pH levels in the hair that can keep the color stay for a longer period. Don’t wash the hair very often to keep the color stay on the hair for a longer time. Wash your hair only when it looks dirty and wear shower cap while you take bath between the shampoo wash. Get the deep conditioning treatment done on your hair after it has been washed with a shampoo. You can also mix one tbsp hair color along with the shampoo as well as conditioner for using it over the hair. Don’t use other hairstyling products that can make the hair color stay longer.

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Methods To Clean Your Kinky Twists

kinky hair twist kinky hair twist2
Kinky twist can give a simple look that will look like a braid and it is very easy to maintain. In case you want to wash the hair with the kinky twist, try to follow few simple steps. This hairstyle can be worn for about few weeks without touching your hair and maintaining it is very important.
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kinky hair twist5 kinky hair twist6
First keep stocking cap on the hair before taking a bath and try to spread your hair to make the water enter into it. You must try to squeeze your hair using your hands to make the water enter into the twist easily. Keep the shampoo over your stocking cap for spreading it over the hair and squeeze it again to make it enter into the hair. Just rinse the hair with water after the shampoo process and apply the hair conditioner over your stocking cap. Rinse you hair for the second time and make sure that the stocking cap gets free from slick. You must dry the hair wearing stocking cap which can help to maintain the hair without any frizzy. In case the twist looks loose, just leave it naturally to dry which will make it tight. Try to style the twists using oil-based products that can add more shine into the hair. Always mist the kinky twists with a hairspray from underneath the hair which can control the hair without any breakage.

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Methods To Cut Blunt Hair Bob

blunt hair bob blunt hair bob2
Blunt hair bob is a perfect hairstyle that can be achieved with medium to short hair. There is a particular technique that is followed to do the blunt cut with your hair. Try to wash the hair before starting the cutting process and make sure it is also conditioned. You must also dry the hair before starting your cutting process even though most of the hairstylist cut the hair when it is slightly wet. Try to make the hair straight using a flat iron as it can help to determine the size of your hair after the haircut.
blunt hair bob3 blunt hair bob4

blunt hair bob5 blunt hair bob6
Start the cutting by after making four parts in your hair from the hairline to the nape of your neck. Try to create horizontal part over the head that must be about 1/4 inch thick which will be used as the guideline to create the blunt cut. Place the shears parallel to the ground and move it across your hair. Take another hair section from behind your head and do the same as you did with the previous section by cutting it across the hair. Continue the same process all over the head and make parting with your hair from hairline from ear to ear. Use this as a guide to end the haircutting process all over the head. Mist the blunt hair bob with a spray to maintain it in a perfect shape.

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Methods To Strip Color Out Of Hair

strip color strip color2
Hair color can be stripped without using any special styling products. Most of the people want to strip hair color from their hair using chemical products, but they can be harmful the hair. There are ways to do the same process at home without any styling products. Try to purchase normal products such as anti-residue shampoo, plastic cling hair wrap and olive oil. Use he following method for treating the hair at home.
strip color3 strip color4

strip color5 strip color6
To start, first apply a generous amount of anti-residue hair shampoo and cover it using plastic cling hair wrap. Let the hair covered with the wrap for about 8-10 hours and if possible you can also leave it overnight for best result. The shampoo applied over the hair will enter into the scalp which is capable of removing the color out of the follicles. In the morning try to rinse the hair using warm water and apply a small amount of olive oil after it becomes heat. Don’t use the olive oil when it hot and make sure it gets spread entirely all over the hair. Leave the oil on your hair for about 2-3 hours and rinse it again with warm water. Use the same technique again in case the hair color remains in your hair when it is done for the first time. Try to continue the process until the hair color changes to its normal look.

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Methods To Maintain Smooth Hair At Home

smooth hair smooth hair2
Making the hair look smooth can give a good to the hairstyle that you are planning to create. But you can smoothen your hair by using few hairstyling products that are considered to be expensive. There are also few homemade products that can be used on the hair to make it smooth. The hair can become dull and loose its smoothness due to various reasons, but one of the main reasons can be humid weather.
smooth hair3 smooth hair4

smooth hair5 smooth hair6
Always comb the hair very gently to prevent broken ends which are one of the best solutions to make your hair smooth. Those who have a curly hair can feel that their hair will become dry very often, so don’t wash the hair on daily basis with the shampoo to maintain the smoothness. Try to brush the hair with the help of a wide-toothed brush and leave the hair to dry naturally without using any type of hairstyling tools. Cut the hair to get rid of split ends and apply a good amount of hair conditioner. People with curly hair can use olive oil for massaging it into the hair to deep condition the hair. Leave the olive oil in your hair for about 30 minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo. Avoid styling your hair with the tools such as hair straightener as they can remove the shine out of your hair during the first time itself.

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Methods To Take Out Wrong Color From Hair

wrong color wrong color2
Coloring hair with a wrong product can spoil your entire look. Most of the time while coloring the hair you will have a different color at time of coloring the hair and other color once it becomes completely dry. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to take the wrong color out of your hair without going to a hairstylist.
wrong color3 wrong color4

wrong color5 wrong color6
First take four drops clarifying shampoo in a bowl and mix one tbsp baking soda. Then add one tbsp peroxide into the bowl and try to mix it fully. Mist the hair with warm water and start applying the mixing all over the hair from root to end. Then rinse the hair completely and apply the same mixture once again all over before rinsing the hair. Another option is using few drops lemon juice and massage it all over the hair using your hands. Rinse your hair again and add protein-restructuring hair conditioner throughout your hair using your fingers and use warm water for rinsing it out. You can also a leave-in hair conditioner on your hair which will make the hair moisturized which can easily take the wrong color out of the hair. Incase all these methods fail to bring back the actual color of your hair, consult a hair specialist as they can provide a professional support in removing the color out of the hair than trying it at home.

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Methods To Use Foam Sponge Hair Rollers

sponge rollers hair sponge rollers hair2
Foam sponge hair rollers are the suitable styling tools that can be used on straight as well as other types of hair. It is less expensive when compared to other hair rollers and you can also easily find them. Try to use these rollers in a proper way so your hair looks beautiful. The foam sponge hair rollers can be used on the hair only for few times and it start will start to break very soon.
sponge rollers hair3 sponge rollers hair4

sponge rollers hair5 sponge rollers hair6
To style the hair with foam sponge hair rollers, clean the hair and make it dry fully. Then create four different parts in your hair and secure them with clips. Now take the rollers for keeping it on the hair and roll it towards the end of the hair from under. Do the same on the remaining hair sections and leave the rollers on your hair for a long time. You can also go to bed in the night with the rollers on your hair to achieve best results. Before going to sleep try to cover the hair with satin bonnet which will helpful in maintaining the rollers in its place properly. In the morning when your are taking the rollers out of the hair avoid putting too much pressure and comb them with your fingers only. Finish the styling after misting the hair sections with a spray which will keep the hairstyle in place.

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