Attaching Crochet Weave With Natural Hair

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Crochet weaving is a technique of styling the hair that can give a dramatic look for anyone who wears it. You can add the crochet weave along with the natural hair to prevent it from getting damaged. It is liked by many people who don’t want to expose their hair. Creating this type of hairstyle can take lot of time so it is preferred to get some help from a friend or a hair specialist during the styling process.
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To wear the crochet weave, first you must part your entire from the middle and try to braid your hair towards the back of head like cornrows. Next use the sewing needle for sewing your end of cornrow along with the main braid using the basic sewing method. Cut your thread end before creating a knot at the end of the thread. This will become the base of your cornrow for the remaining styling process. Mist the hair using a holding hairspray all over and send the crochet needle just below your first cornrow as close as possible near your ear over the hairline. Now take the crocheting weave for wrapping it over the hook in your crochet needle and cover it latch over crochet needle before pulling your hair about halfway through the braid. Finally take the crochet hair ends to make a simple knot which will keep it secured in place.

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Using Natural Hair To Create Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks are considered to give a new type of look when it is created in a proper manner. Most of the people use hair extensions to achieve this look, but you can use your natural hair to make the dreadlocks look perfect. Begin the styling after washing the hair and drying it with a normal towel.
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Then divide a section of hair that will be used to create the dreadlocks. To do this, first part your hair in the middle to start the styling with the first half section. Now take one inch hair strand from the section of hair and divide it as four small hair sections using a brush. Make the hair to fall down by bending yourself forward and mist it with hairspray. Take the hair strands in your hand in between the thumb and index finger, then keep the brush near the scalp for pushing it upwards. Use the hair brush to take the hair upwards and close to your scalp. Next roll the hair with the fingers while taking the individual hair out of the brush. Continue this process from top to bottom of the hair and once the dreads come into a proper shape use rubber band to secure them in place. Use this method on other hair sections and spread a little amount of hair wax all over using your hands. You must roll the dreads daily by applying hair wax till they get settled properly in its place.

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