Using Clippers To Cut Neckline

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While using the clipper to get the haircut, it is important to trim the hair near your neckline. Here is a technique that can help while getting the clipper cut done in your hair by trimming the neckline hair. You can just use the clippers to cut the neckline. Try to cover your shoulders with a waste cloth to make the hair to fall over it.
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Try to follow your natural hairline while using the clippers to adjust the neckline. Get help from a friend while cutting the neckline as it can be difficult for you to do it alone. Try to keep the head straight and move the clippers along with your hairline. Maintain your head as straight as possible during the styling process to prevent a bad haircut which can happen very easily. You can also remove your cape and the hair that is below the collar. Be very careful while using the neck trimmers and try to move it around your ears as well to make the haircut look neat. Don’t remove too much of hair near your ear as it can spoil you neckline. Have a look at the entire neckline to see that it looks perfect in a straight line before moving onto the next step. At last remove the cloth that was placed around the shoulders and wash the hair as usual to end the process.

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