Using Olive Oil For Treating Nappy Hair

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Those who have a nappy hair must face lot of problems while styling it in different ways. There are various things that can help to make the nappy hair soft ad one of the best product is the olive oil. This method is normally followed by most of the people all over the world with the nappy hair.
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As usual start with a clean hair and don’t use a hair conditioner. Then make section in the hair and keep them separated with hair bands. Now take hair conditioner of one cup and mix it with olive oil of 1/4 cup. Start applying the mixture over the separated hair section from top end and leave the hair to dry for few minutes. Then cover the hair with food wrap and wrap the steaming towel just over it. Leave it for half an hour and then gently take it out of your head. Now wash the hair to remove the mixture using warm water and apply a little amount of the olive oil all over the hair from root to end with the help of your hands. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry before you start the hairstyling process. Try to wrap the head with silk scarf before going to bed in the night to prevent the hair from turning into its actual shape as you must follow the same method again to make it right.

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