Parted Bob Hairstyle

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A parted bob hairstyle is recognized with its unique look and it is worn by many celebrities. The hairstyle will have short hair at the back which will grow long in the front of your head along with a distinct angle from back to your chin. It can be created by visiting a saloon using a medium-barrel curling iron. Make sure to use the scissors carefully if you don’t have practice of using them. Avoid cutting too much hair as it cannot be adjusted
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To begin your cutting process, clean your entire hair with a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner on daily basis. Then make a part straight down over the middle of your head and blow dry your entire hair as usual. Now secure your hair in place using a pin and brush it towards the back of the neck. Look into the mirror while cutting your hair using the scissors and make sure to do this gently. The haircut must look even, so try to place your comb at an angle and it should stay away from your cut hair section behind the neck down the chin. Then cut your hair below the brush with slanted tilt and move towards the right side of your hair. Brush the hair by pointing it over the cut section behind your head and also near your chin to make it look perfect.

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Parted Faux Bob

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Parted faux bob is a hairstyle that can be achieved after getting a proper bob haircut by going to a hairstylist. You can style the hair in this way with the help of a roller. It can also add more volume into your hair when you use it along with hooded dryer. Try to cut the hair like a normal bob which can be styled at home as per your desire and don’t use too much heat on the hair while drying.
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As usual begin the process with a shampoo washed hair and don’t forget to use a hair conditioner. Then apply setting gel on the hair from top to bottom and comb it using wide-toothed brush. Go through the hair to look for any tangles which must be removed by combing. Next part the hair at one side of the head and take one section of hair for using it in the roller. Try to roll your hair from its end and move towards your head scalp. Use the same method on the other hair sections and secure the roller using the clip. Now use the hooded dryer for drying your hair for about half an hour with medium setting. The hair drying process will vary depending upon the length of your hair and be patience during the drying process. Make sure that your hair has been dried completely before styling it normally.

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