Dealing With Perm Sores Over Your Scalp

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Perm sores caused on your scalp can be irritating for everyone. The hair perms are normally done by using chemicals that can cause scalp burns as well as hair damage. There are ways to treat the perm sores on your scalp without going to a hair specialist. Try to follow this process till your scalp recovers from the sores. After this also you face the same problem, consult a doctor immediately.
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First you must clean the scalp using a normal shampoo such as baby shampoo which can prevent the hair from irritation that can occur if your use strong shampoos. Then rinse your hair just with the lukewarm water and apply a hair conditioner all over. Let the hair conditioner stay on your hair for at least fifteen minutes and rinse your hair for the second time. Leave your hair to dry on its own and avoid using heat styling tools. Using heat on your hair can make the problem worse and make sure to use serum instead of heat styling tools. Try to comb your hair with wide tooth brush to make the serum to spread entirely over your scalp as well as the hair. Now you can use healing ointment specially made to be used on the perm sores on your scalp. Make sure to follow the directions mentioned on the scalp while using the healing ointment on your scalp.

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