Using Peroxide And Food Color On Hair

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Mixing peroxide and food color can be the best option to color your hair naturally. It is possible to change color of the hair if you mix both these products together in a perfect manner. By doing this you can also prevent hair damage that is caused by coloring the hair with chemicals. Make sure to wear hand gloves during this coloring process and use bright hair color to make the hair look good.
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First clean your hair by washing it and make sure that your hair straight. Then cover the shoulder with a towel to prevent the color from falling on the floor. Now take hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and add same amount of water in the bottle. Mist the hair with it and spread it all over the hair using your fingers after wearing hand gloves. Let the solution stay on your hair for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it with normal water. Try to wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning it with a hair conditioner. Leave the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your wish. Now take the food color gel in your fingers and apply it throughout the hair. You can leave this food color gel on your hair for a long time to make it stick on your hair. Most of the people will leave it on for a day before getting hair rinsed.

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