Styling Your Hair Using Pliable Wax

pliable hair wax pliable hair wax2
Pliable hair wax is one of the best product for styling a curly hair. The hair will start to look good after applying this wax and the styling process will also be very easy. Just follow this technique while styling the hair with the pliable hair wax. You can simply use the fingers for applying the wax over the hair and try to purchase the right pliable wax for styling the hair.
pliable hair wax3 pliable hair wax4

pliable hair wax5 pliable hair wax6
First style the curly hair as usual and after sometime make the hair loose. Then take the pliable hair wax in your hands and spread it evenly all over the hair from top to end. Just use only small amount of wax and using too much will make the hair look oily. Try to twirl the hair with your fingers while applying the wax over the hair strands which will be helpful in defining the curls in your hair. While twirling the hair just use your fingers and you must simply twirl it slightly before leaving it to fall naturally. Use the same process on the remaining part of your hair and make sure to do it very gently. There is no need to use the hair wax while twirling each hair parts as it will be distributed evenly throughout the hair once it has been applied. Once the curls get set, they will look lot bouncier than before applying the wax.

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