Creating Ponytail With Fan Tail

fan tail fan tail2
Fan tail can be used to create a simple looking ponytail and it has been developed by Vidal Sassoon. It is a plastic accessory that is used to create a messy ponytail with few simple steps. Just follow this method to achieve this look within few minutes. Try to purchase the fan tail from Vidal Sassoon and try to use it over the hair gently for the first time. Most of the people who want to create a ponytail with a messy look can follow this styling technique.
fan tail3 fan tail4

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To start, first try taking the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and use elastic band to keep it in place. Now pull the ponytail top using your hand and place fan tail from base of your ponytail adjacent to elastic band. Then twist your fan tail front and back to make the hooks to enter into your ponytail. Next take the ponytail section into the fan tail and gently twist it to make the ponytail secure in place. Try to brush the ponytail using a comb at the back of the head and fluff it slightly so the fan tail gets covered. Take small hair sections from the ponytail and insert it into the fan tail hooks which will make the ponytail look messy. Don’t use other hair accessories after creating the ponytail with the fan tail.

fan tail7 fan tail8

High Quiff Ponytail With Straight Hair

high quiff ponytail high quiff ponytail2
High quiff ponytail is a new version of the standard pompadour hairstyle that is possible to be worn by both the genders from a long time. In this hairstyle, there will be a back-combed puffy crown along with a straight ponytail positioned mid-head. To achieve this hairstyle, you must make sure that the length of the hair medium to long or add an extension to your hair to make it long enough to start the styling process. This hairstyle is a perfect choice only for a formal occasion.
high quiff ponytail3 high quiff ponytail4

high quiff ponytail5 high quiff ponytail6
Start the process by blowing your hair to dry which will make straight hair into a curly looking hair will not look perfect for this hairstyle. Collect the front part of the hair from temple to temple and secure it out of the way. Take the sides of your hair back off the face and keep the hair as smooth as possible to create a ponytail. Next backcomb the top section of the hair and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray. Smooth the outer surface of the hair with a paddle brush and take it back to the crown by pushing it forward to create a quiff. The hair may get tangled, so try to be careful during this process. Wrap the ends which are hanging down your back at the base of the ponytail. Smooth back all of the hair and mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to get the desired effect.

high quiff ponytail7 high quiff ponytail8

Creating A Ponytail With Double Knot Hairstyle

double-hair-knot double-hair-knot2
The double-knot hairstyle is a best way to style the hair for special occasion, but you can also create a ponytail with it. It is the perfect way to style the hair when it is long and to keep it away from your face. This hairstyle will take few more minutes when compared to the standard ponytail and it can also give a slightly fancier look. Here is a simple and easy to create this style at home.
double-hair-knot3 double-hair-knot4

double-hair-knot5 double-hair-knot6
First brush the hair fully and make sure all the snarls are removed. Separate the hair into two sections and create a ponytail on each part. Secure the hair in place with ponytail holders. Create a ponytail which must look like old-fashioned pigtails and try to keep it messy. The ponytail can be placed high or low on your head as per your desire. Those who have short hair, they can keep the ponytail closer. Spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair and smooth it back to control unruly hairs. Hold the ponytail in your hand and tie both the ponytails together. Send bobby pins through the knot and then into the base of the ponytail to secure the hair. You can also use more bobby pins if the hair is long or heavy. Make the ends of your ponytails to hang as it is and spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair to keep the ponytail in place.

double-hair-knot7 double-hair-knot8

Hairstyle With Glee Ponytail

glee ponytail glee ponytail2
Glee ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is worn by cheerleaders and this style can be easily achieved using bobby pins. Anyone with long hair can create this look without using any special techniques. This style can also be created with the help of your hands and it can also be worn by kids to get a very simple look. Create curls in the glee ponytail and mainly at the end of your hair to make it look perfect.
glee ponytail3 glee ponytail4

glee ponytail5 glee ponytail6
To create glee ponytail, comb your complete hair using a hair brush and then take ponytail bungee for wrapping it around tightly. This will make the ponytail to stay in one place much tighter and use bobby pins to keep the hair ends in place. Now the glee ponytail will be ready and if you want to make this hairstyle a little attractive try to create curls in the hair. Try to use a curling iron to create the curly looking hair in the ponytail. While creating the curls in your hair try to use pins to keep them in place till they get completely cool which can give long lasting as well as defined curls. After taking the pins out of the curled hair try to comb them as usual using your fingers. Don’t curl the entire hair in the same direction as it can make it look simple. Try to curl the hair towards the end of your hair and mid-length.

glee ponytail7 glee ponytail8