Styling Hair Using Pre-Bonded Extension

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Applying pre-bonded extension along with your natural can help to make it look long and voluminous. There are various hair extensions that can be purchased and it can be used to style the hair as usual, but they can damage the hair. So people prefer pre-bonded extension that is known to prevent the hair from getting damaged. To start the styling, take the natural hair and keep it separated on top of the head.
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Then pull out a thin hair strand near the nape of hairline and comb it gently. Try to pull out small hair from the hair extension from the holes and wrap a pre-bonded extension to your natural hair strands that comes out of your template. Use the fusion connector iron and clamp it over your wrapped hair and make sure to leave it for about 4-5 seconds before taking it out of your hair. Use the same method on the remaining hair parts and take template from the bonded part in your pre-bonded extension for brushing it gently only after it becomes completely dry. Pull out another thin strand from your hair from behind the head and use same technique over this section as well. Try to use your template by simply attaching it with the pre-bonded extension. At last make sure to comb your hair to make it free from knots and style it as you wish.

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