Prevent Dry Hair After Using Demi-Permanent Color

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Applying a demi-permanent color on your hair can make it look dry most of the time. But there is s simple step which must be followed while using the demi-permanent color on hair to prevent this. Here is simple method that is also followed by many hairstylists to prevent the dryness caused by the demi-permanent color.
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Demi-permanent color is considered to stay a little longer on the hair when compared to semi-permanent color as it easily gets deeply into the hair strands. There are different brands of demi-permanent color available in stores, but you can follow the same technique on all of them to prevent the dry look in your hair. In the same way there are also various products available in the store that can be applied to maintain your colored hair without any dryness. First you must purchase a moisturizing product that contains silk proteins as well as hydrolyzed proteins as they can help in treating the dryness in your hair. After purchasing the product try to apply it gently all over the hair or just following instructions on the kit. Make sure it is covered all over the hair strands that have been colored with demi-permanent hair coloring product. Whenever you use the demi-permanent color on your hair, try to apply a little amount of moisturizing product over it before ending the styling process to prevent dry looking hair.

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Prevent Dark Hair Ends While Coloring

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Most of the people like to color their hair dark to make them look beautiful and this can be a perfect choice for winter season. While coloring your hair there are chances that your hair ends can become much darker than the actual color. There are ways to prevent dark hair ends while coloring your hair with a dark color. This process can be done at home by purchasing a hair coloring product from a hairstyling store ear your home.
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First make 4 parts in your hair and pull out half-inch hair section for using the color over it from mid-way. Try to color your hair towards the hair roots and leave the hair ends as it is. Use the same method to color the other sections of your hair leave to dry for about 15 minutes. Now spread a small amount of hair conditioner over your hair ends so they can stay away from the hair color. This will avoid the color from entering into your hair and maintain its original color. In case you are trying this option over a pre-lightened hair, then make sure to give extra care while using the color over it as they will be fragile when compared to natural hair. Then you can apply the hair color over the remaining hair parts as usual and leave it for 15 minutes to dry and rinse the entire hair as usual.

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Steps To Prevent Hair Breakage With Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a product that can be applied on the hair for various reasons and it can also prevent hair breakage. The hair can maintain its original quality if your applying the castor oil over it. There is a particular method that is important to be followed while applying the castor oil over the hair. Some of the people would want to prevent their hair breakage by using hairstyling products that are costly, but this technique can help them in getting a perfect solution for hair breakage without spending any money as well as time by visiting a saloon.
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First take castor oil in your hand for spreading it all over your hair from top to end. You can also use the fingers to make the castor to spread throughout the hair. Simply run the fingers into your hair and gently massage it from the root to tips of your hair. Another way to spread the castor oil all over the hair is by using a wide tooth hair brush. Just comb the hair with wide tooth brush just like doing it with the fingers and make sure that the oil is spread to your entire hair. Do this on regular basis to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent hair breakage. Don’t use any other styling products while using the castor oil over the hair as it may not work properly.

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Tips To Prevent Coarse Hair From Drying

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Keeping the hair dry can make it look very dull and if your hair is coarse then it can even get damaged easily. The coarse hair can become dry due to absence of the natural oils that are produced in the scalp. The most common thing that makes your hair dry is excessive washing and using of harsh products for styling the hair. There are few things that can be used to prevent coarse from drying.
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Avoid using hair products that are bad to your hair type as it can take the natural oil present in the hair. Stay away from shampoos that feature strong chemicals such as sodium sulfate as they can cause dry hair. Also don’t wash the hair everyday and try using deep conditioner once in a week. Reduce the usage of heat styling tools such as flat iron and blow dryer as they can make the natural oils to dry from the scalp and in case you want to use these tools try to apply a small amount of heat protecting spray. Some of the people face the dry hair issue due to health problems. If you body lacks vitamins, proteins and other nutrients can make the hair look weak leading to breakage. You must consume beans, whole grains and animal meat as they are some of the most important nutrients. The final option is consulting a doctor even if you have a dry coarse hair even after following all these methods.

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Using Sage Leaves To Prevent Grey Hair

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Covering the grey hair can be difficult for most of the people as they must use a proper coloring product. There are many products that feature chemicals that can cause severe damage to the hair. But there are also natural coloring methods that can prevent hair from getting grey. One of the best option is using sage leaves along with rosemary for making the hair look beautiful, but try to use the mixture without going into your eyes.
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First take a bowl of water to make it boil and add sage leaves in it along with rosemary. Leave the mixture to become cold on its own and filter the mixture in another bowl. Make the mixture to cool for another one hour and then wash the hair during this time using warm water. Cover the hair with normal towel and prepare the hair for using the mixture. Start using the hair dye on a small part of your hair and try to massage it gently. Now you must pour the mixture on the hair to massage it again completely and do this at least 7-8 times all over the head. Use a towel for covering your head and you must use this mixture on your hair at least 4 times in a week after the hair dying process to get the best result. You must stay patient during this process as it may take some more time to change the color of your hair.

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