Methods To Make Puffy Hair Look Flat

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Making the puffy hair flat is very simple that can be done at home than going to a hairstylist. Having a puffy hair can be difficult to manage as it can get tangled easily, so most of the people will try to make them flat by using different styling tools. Here are few things that can help to make the puffy hair look flat. Try to use a hair protectant spray all over the hair before starting your styling process to stay away from hair damage.
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Begin the styling with a properly washed and conditioned hair. This can help to maintain the hair without any frizz. Then mist the entire hair with straightening serum and brush it gently. Next make different sections in your hair and use a hair dryer on each hair sections. Try to comb the hair using large bristle hair brush along with a diffuser during the drying process. Once you complete the hair drying process, the hair will look flat. Now separate the hair into sections after using the hair dryer to use the ceramic hair straightening iron. Take about half inch hair strand and keep your straightening iron near the hair root and gently slide it towards the hair end. Use this simple straightening process all over your hair till it become fully flat as per your desire. Now you can use hair oil such as olive oil about 3 drops as it can make the hair look smooth.

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