Steps To Regenerate Hair Follicles

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Having dormant follicles in your hair can make it look completely loose as it will stop to produce long hair. There are few ways that can help to regenerate your hair follicles and you must consult a hair specialist before using any such products. Rogaine is considered to be a perfect choice for regenerating the hair follicles and can be used after consulting a professional hairstylist or doctor. This product can be used by men as well as women and try to give more attention to your hair while using it to prevent side effects.
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Make sure to use Rogaine product all over the head at least two times a day after reading the instructions written over the product. You can use this product once the hair starts to become thin which can very much helpful in growing your hair back. Try to massage the hair product over the scalp with the help of your fingers. Leave it over the scalp as per the time mentioned on the product and stay away from water during this time. You can use this product for around 6 months after consulting the hairstylist to achieve good results. Even after this time you face the same problem go to a doctor for other treatments. If your are using the Rogaine product look for any side effects such as itching and sometimes the hair will start to grow in places where you have accidentally use the product.

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