Relaxing Hair With Homemade Recipe

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One of the best way to relax your hair is with the help of natural products. Most of the hair relaxer that is used by the people contains chemicals that can easily damage the hair. But there are also homemade relaxers that can make your hair straight without causing any kind of damage to your hair.
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First take olive oil which must be about 1/4 cup and try to make it heat. Then leave it to become slightly warm that must be applied over the hair with the help of your fingers. Make sure to rub the hair only with your fingers very gently and cover it with a towel. Now take the blow dryer and use it over the towel wrapped hair for about 10 minutes. Next take the towel out of your hair and rinse the hair as usual. In case you want to get most benefit with your styling process, try to leave the olive oil over your hair for at least 2 hours once the blow dryer has been used over the towel. Then rinse your hair normally without using any product. Try to use any type of olive oil for this styling process and if possible you can also use extra virgin olive oil for styling of your hair. Try to follow this method on regular basis to relax your hair without causing any damage to it.

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