Methods To Create Curls With Remy Straight Hair

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A Remy hair is a hair extension that is considered to be the best among most of the people as it can give completely natural look. In most cases the Remy hair will look completely straight and if you want to create curls with this hair extension try to follow these simple steps. There are many people who wear the Remy hair in the same way as it is purchased and only few of them try to create waves or curls in this hair as it can give them a unique look.
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First you must get a 1 inch barrel to curl the straight and long remy hair. Then brush the hair using a rattail hair brush and divide your hair into sections. Try to begin the styling process from top or at the bottom of your hair. Secure each of the hair section using styling hair band. Next take one of the hair section and try to roll it with the barrel. Now there will be small amount of hair left in your hand and hold it with the wand for about ten seconds in the barrel. Ten seconds will be more than enough to achieve the curls and in case the hair looks too much thick leave it in the barrel for another ten seconds. Now your hair section will have curls and use the same method on the other hair sections that was separated before to create the curls in them.

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