Securing the Hair Curlers At Night

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Hair curlers need more time to settle if you are using them without causing damage to the hair. In such case many people will wear them and go to bed to make it set perfectly. There are few things that are important to follow while wearing the curlers and sleeping. You will need items such as hair curlers, shower cap, a piece of cloth to cover the head and hair clips to do this process.
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First wear the curlers as usual and make sure that the hair is slightly damp. Then cover the hair using a shower cap as it will be helpful in moisturizing the hair. Now wrap the hair with a cloth over the shower cap and secure them using the curl clips. Start wrapping the cloth from back of the head and move towards the front of your head. You can also use the bobby pins for securing the wrapped cloth. Try o use the clips on the position where you are going to lie down on the pillow. Just lie down over the pillow normally and adjust the clip or bobby pin of its feels uncomfortable. There is no need to panic while wearing the curlers and sleeping in the bed as it will not cause any problem to your hair. The hair clips can be disturbing for some of the people so they can try using the bobby pins.

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Using Ponytail Holder For Securing Messy Bun

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Messy bun is the most liked hairstyle among most of the people all over the world as it can be achieved without putting any pressure on the hair. It is important to keep the messy hair bun secured in place for a long time, so the hairstyle stays intact perfectly. You must follow a particular method for keeping the messy bun in its actual place using the ponytail holder.
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Start the styling by combing your hair and mist it with serum hairspray to prevent flyaways. Then take the hair in your hand where the bun will be created and make sure it is placed near your hairline. Next twist your hair in the hand to create the bun and take the ponytail holder for securing the hair in place. You can just stretch the holder using the other hand for wrapping it around your bun. Try to twist your ponytail holder at least twice around the bun before securing it. Now take few strands of hair put of your hair bun and mainly near the crown as well as around the face. Once the hair strands are taken out of the bun, try to look into the mirror to make sure that the hairstyle looks good. Then use the hairspray all over the hair to end the styling process and match the hairstyle with a proper dress to make it look beautiful.

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Securing Straight Weaves In The Night

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Securing straight hair weave while going to sleep in the night is important to prevent any kind of damage to your hair. The hair weaves are also available in different sizes and designs. If you fail to secure the straight weave during the night, it can cause knots in your hair that can be really painful. The straight weave must get more attention when compared other types of hair weaves to make it look beautiful when you wake up in the morning. Here is a simple method which can be done with the help of a scarf to keep the weaves in place. By doing this the hair can stay in the same shape for a long time.
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First mist the entire hair with oil hairspray which will be useful in adding more shine into your hair. Then take the hair to create a ponytail behind your head to secure the hair in place. Take a silk scarf by folding it like a triangle and keep its long side edge over the head to cover your hair. Next make the scarf to face down and crisscross ends of its triangle shape at the back of the head. Try to pull its ends back over the head once again and secure the scarf ends by creating a knot over the head which will be helpful in keeping the straight weave in its original place in the night.

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