Styling Your Hair Using Shoelaces

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Using shoelaces for styling the hair is the simplest method that can be done without any help by sitting at home. There are different ways that can be followed for using the shoelace for styling the hair. The shoelaces are mostly used while creating the braid to make it look more beautiful. If possible you can also include the shoelace along with other hairstyles to create a unique look.
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First make two parts in your hair that will be used for the braid. Next take the shoelace that must be cut into half. Then pull out top part of your hair along with the shoelace to begin the braiding process. You can braid the hair as per your wish and the shoelace can look good with the French braid. After creating the braid, take the hair section along with shoelace for folding it just over and take top part of your hair for adding it along with left strand to fold it on top of the hair section. The shoelace must be placed on top of the hair parts which will be used to create the braid. Continue the braiding process till the end of your hair using the shoelace and do the same on the other side of the head. Make sure to secure the shoelace perfectly along with braid and try to cut the braid ends or tie it like a headband.

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