Modified Short Bob

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A bob hairstyle is worn by most of the people from a long time. This style is known as a easy to care for hairstyle because it is created with shorter hair. You can create the modified short bob in different ways to get a unique and attractive.
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To create the modified short bob, first place a towel over shoulder and separate the hair into 7 parts including left side, right side, left nape, right nape, left crown, right crown and top. Use hair barrettes or pins to keep the sections in place. Now pull out top part loosely with your index and middle fingers for cutting it as per your wish. Then pull the nape part for and brushing it out. Start the haircut to your desired length at the back of your head and move in the front. Use the same method over other side of the nape. Next pull out the remaining hair section for combing it out for cutting it in the same length that is near nape of the neck. Use the same technique all over the four parts and move from back to front. Now pull top section for parting it down in the middle of the head. Comb the hair out and try to it cut from back to front of the head as same length like the previous hair parts. At last wash your hair before brushing comb it and dry the hair using blow dryer.

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