Using Barrettes On A Short Hair

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Barrettes are the perfect hair accessory to style a medium to long hair, but it is also possible to use them on a short hair. By following a particular method anyone with short hair can use the barrettes to style them in a perfect way. You can also use both bobby pins and barrettes to make the hairstyle look good.
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If you are using a small barrette, try to apply it over the bangs by just opening it gently with your hands. To take the entire bangs at the back of your head using the barrette try to mist it with a spray first. To make the bangs look beautiful, try to pull out small amount of hair for clipping it with the barrette. In case you want to make sure that your bangs don’t fall out of the barrette, try to use bobby pins to secure them perfectly. Another option that is available for styling the short hair is using a hair clip along with the barrette and try to match it with a proper outfit. Try to use small bobby pins to style the hair when you are using the barrette and push the bobby in into your hair in such a way that is covered by the hair strands. Use the bobby pins on both the sides of your head, so the hair is secured properly in place with the barrette.

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Using Twist Gel To Style Short Hair

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Using twist gel on your short hair can make it look less coarse and it is one of the best product to be used only on the African hair. The same gel can be used to maintain hold in your hair than trying the beeswax. It can also add more moisture in your hair follicle and there is no need to be afraid of any side effects while using this product. First purchase the products such as twist gel, shampoo, conditioner and a comb for styling the hair.
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Before using the twist gel over the short hair, try to wash it with a standard hair washing shampoo and apply the hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Then comb the entire hair normally and apply a little amount of twist gel in your hand and gently work it over the hair starting from the scalp and move towards the end of your hair. Now separate the hair into various parts and try to twist them as usual using your fingers. You can also try to use other methods such as comb twist and double twist for twisting the hair with the twist gel. After your have created twists in your hair, try to leave it for drying on its own which is a best way to prevent any type of hair damage. You can also use a hooded dryer to make the hair dry.

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Hair Wrapping With Short Hair

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Hair wrapping can give a good look if you do it in a proper way. But the hair must be long enough to create the wrap over your head. Wrapping the short hair can be hard for most of the people and there are few steps that can be followed to achieve it in a perfect manner. Make sure to keep the tools ready before starting your styling which includes hooded dryer, leave-in conditioner, serum and brush.
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You can start the styling after washing your hair as usual and keep the hair slightly damp. Then spread a small amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair as it can be very much helpful during the hair wrapping process. The leave-in conditioner can also make your hair look soft as well as shiny. Next brush your hair from middle of the head straight down. Now comb the hair again in circular motion clockwise and move out of the hair to make a simple hive over your head. Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner over your hair at the back side of the head and brush the hair straight down. Place the hooded dryer with medium heat over your head for about one hour. Once the wrap becomes fully dry, try to apply a small amount of serum in your hand and spread it over the hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as you wish.

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Styling Short Hair Using Head Wraps

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Head wraps are the perfect solution to cover your hair which is short. There are few ways that must be followed while wearing the head wraps with short hair. Most of the people will struggle to wear the head wraps in a proper way as it can come out easily in case you fail to wear it in the right way. Always wear these head wraps only when you feel comfortable with them and stay away with them if you feel it like a burden over your head.
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The head wraps can look good if you wear it with that hair that is short at the sides and long on top of the head. But you can also wear them with other type of hair by following a proper method. Make sure to leave the bangs from your hair to stick out of the head wrap in from of your head after the styling process. The shorter haircuts can give a great look, but covering it with the head wrap is left to individual’s choice. After wearing the head wrap you can get a very unique look that can be made to look styling with a proper dress. Try to match the hairstyle with other accessories such as earrings and more. The head wraps can also be worn with short to long hair, but wearing it with proper ways can give a outstanding look.

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Straightening Thick Short Hair

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Having a thick hair can be difficult to style in different ways for most of the people. In case the hair is short you may have to struggle for keeping the hair straight. There are ways that can help for keeping your hair straight without using any special hair products. You can use a normal straightening iron on a medium to long hair, for using it on short hair try to purchase thin hair straightening iron. The following method can be challenging for those who are straightening their hair for the first time.
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First clean the entire hair by just washing it as usual and follow with a deep conditioning process. The conditioning process is very important in this method as it can make the hair straightening very easy with the thick hair. Now brush the hair from top to bottom and take the hair sections outside. Then use the blow dryer on each of the hair section. Make few small sections in your hair and keep it secured individually. Take the hair straightening iron with medium heat and clap it with each section of your hair. Make sure to use the straightening iron on one section at a time. You can slightly increase the heat produced by the straightening iron in case the hair fails to become straight or use the straightening iron at least two times with medium heat to make the hair straight.

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Using Short Hair To Create French Braid

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Most of them think having short hair is difficult to style in different ways, but with little effort you will be able to achieve beautiful looking hairstyle. You can also create a French braid with short hair by following these simple steps. You need to follow the standard braiding process to create the braid even with the short hair. Try to adding hair extensions to your short hair to create a long French braid.
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First make the hair slightly damp by misting it with water. Then comb the hair fully to make it free from frizz. Make about three sections in the hair from the temple on both the side of your head. Start making braids on your hair using the three sections just like creating a normal braid. Make sure to take the hair section at the middle for adding it further at the back of the head, This will make the braid to surround your head and make them stay in one place. Use hair bad to keep the braid secured in its place and try to stop the braid at the crown of your head. After creating the braid mist the entire hair with a spray to keep the flyaways down in the hairstyle. Avoid using hair accessories if you are applying hair extensions along with the short hair as they can come out of their place very easily.

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Making Short Hair To Grow Long Fast

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Growing out your short hair is not simple process and you must have lot of patience to achieve it. In most case the hair is known to grow only half inches long in a month, but you can only make the hair grow strong. There are no ways that you can speed up the hair growing process. Here are few things that can be done to make the hair growing process much easier.
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It is important to maintain the hair in a proper way so it stays healthy, so try using good conditioners that are suitable for your hair type. Stay away from styling tools such as irons, blow dryer and others that causes damage to your hair. Another option is going to hair specialist once in two months to cur the split ends to prevent hair breakage. There are hairstyling products such as headbands and other accessories that can be worn to prevent the short hair look. You can also wear a hat to cover the short looking hair. Try styling the short hair in such a way that is able to look beautiful. Look photos of celebrities with short hairstyles to change your hair in the same way. Try to follow a proper diet that must include vegetables, fruits and vitamins that can support hair growth. Consult a doctor to know which is the right diet to follow for your health and it can also maintain your growing hair perfectly.

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Using Rollers To Create Feathered Short Hair

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Feathered short hair can be created using different hairstyling methods and one of the toll that can be used to achieve this look is rollers. Most of them normally use a standard hairstyling technique to create the feathered look, but you can use the following method to do the same. Normally people with medium to long hair will try this hairstyle, but you can also achieve this style with short hair.
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Begin the styling with an unwashed hair and brush the hair before moving further. Then take the top hair section and keep it separated using the ponytail holder. Next pull out one inch hair part near the bottom of your hair section and spread a little amount of gel. Use the medium roller to roll the hair straight up in the vertical position and do the same on the other hair section all over the head. Now you can take the top hair part that was secured earlier and pull out another medium hair section from this top hair part. Use small rollers on this hair section part by part and take the remaining hair section from top of the head and keep it in the vertical position on your small roller. Make the rollers to cool down on their own before taking them out and brush the hair sections using a round brush. Mist the hair to complete the hairstyling rolling process.

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Styling Too Short Hair With Diffuser

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A diffuser is a hairstyling tool that can be used along with a blow dryer to create beautiful look hairstyles. But while styling the short hair with the diffuser there is a proper techniques that must used to achieve the perfect result. This method can be applied on medium to short hair and different hair types.
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First dampen your hair with water and make sure to use hair moisturizer. Then apply a hair product that can add volume into your hair and it can also help to prevent damaged caused by the diffuser. Then create small twists in the hair before using the diffuser. Make the head to face straight up and start to use the diffuser from the section that is behind your head. Apply only medium to low heat from the diffuser on your hair so it can maintain the structure in the hair. Use your fingers along with the diffuser during the styling process and keep the diffuser slightly away from the scalp as it can spoil your entire look. Use the same technique throughout your hair to end the styling process. If you want to add little volume into the hair, try to bend the head down and scrunch the hair before moving into the original position. Once your complete the diffusing process, use your fingers to comb the hair slight by raking it slightly which will give a completely natural look.

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Front Pouf With Short Hair

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Creating a pouf with short hair can be a difficult process. In most cases, the pouf is normally created on a medium to long hair. But if you are planning to create the same type of pouf in your short hair, follow these simple steps. The same type of hairstyle is also worn by many celebrities as it can give an amazing look. You can create the pouf look with short hair using a hair brush and a hairspray.
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Begin the hairstyling process after backcombing the entire hair with the help of a fine tooth hair brush. Now take the front part of your hair to create the pouf and mist it with a hairspray which will be helpful in making the pouf stay in place. Next take the hair forward and brush it again at the back of your head to create more volume into the hair. Try to style the hair at the sides of your head as per your desire. Now take two bobby pins and secure the hair with the pouf by inserting it in X pattern such as one going into the left side of the head and other one on the right side. Use a mirror to check the pouf created in front of the head in perfectly placed or you can make some adjustments if needed. Don’t brush the hair too much while creating the pouf as it can spoil the look and make the pouf look too small.

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