Using Gel To Style Short Shag

short shag gel short shag gel2
Short shag hairstyle can be achieved by using a hair gel without following any particular technique. But if you are tying this styling process for the first time, you just need to follow this method. There are two wys of styling the entire hair with the help of hair gel and you just need to use your hands for the styling process.
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First you need to cut the hair in a perfect manner to create the shag look and then you can style it as per your desire. First take the gel to spread it all over your hair and mainly concentarte over the endgs of your hair as well as the sides. Now you will have a sleek look and try to give it a hug so you can see your bone structure. This is one way of styling your hair that can be completed with the help of your fingers within few minutes. Another optionĀ  is adding texture in your hair that can be done using the hair gel. You can use your fingers to apply the gel over your hair as per your desire and this can be a perfect way of styling your hair for summer. Make sure to use the hair gel that is suitable for your hair and dont experiment with different hair gel as they can spoil your look. as well as dame the hair.

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