Short Hairstyle Like Dorothy Hamill

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Dorothy Hamill short hairstyle was popular in the 1970s and it can be created using a wedge haircut. This hairstyle was worn by Dorothy Hamill in the Olympics held in 1976. The hairstyle look similar to the short bob behind your head and it curve inward as well as back to compliment rounded face. The hairstyle usually looks with all type of hair.
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To create short hairstyle like Dorothy Hamill, begin your styling by collecting most of your hair at the top and try to cut your hair bangs as per your wish that must drop straight down from your head. Cut perimeter of hair that is at the back of the neck which will vary depending on hair of the person. It can normally range from over the shoulders to near your ears. Leave rest of the hair and just cut it as your desired length. Try to part your hair down that was cut and make a strong weight line over top of the head. Next brush your hair out keeping about 90 degree angle using your weight line and parallel to the floor to make a distinctive look. Cut your hair at descending angle from end of your weight line to make a diagonal line using the hair. Do angled cut all the way around the head and try to leave all of your hair long than rest of your hair.

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Hairstyle With Short Messy Bangs

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Creating short messy bangs can give a casual look on any type of hair. But you must use the right hairstyling product to do this at home. This hairstyle can look good on both men as well as women. Just follow this method to create short messy bangs to achieve a natural look. Make sure you are good at using the scissor on your hair as you must cut the hair to make it look layered or go to a hairstylist.
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First you must create layers in your bangs which will prevent them from looking flat. You can either go to a hair specialist to get the layered cut or you can do the same at home. Wash the hair and once it becomes dry brush the entire hair using a normal comb to make the bangs lay in front of the head. Try to cut the bangs with the help of a scissor and comb. Get the choppy haircut done by layering your hair from top to bottom. Once you have achieved the choppy look on your hair move to the next step. Now take a blow dryer with medium setting for using it over the bangs. Try to use a hairspray on the blow drying hair to prevent any damage. Then scrunch the bangs with your fingers to make them look natural and style them using bobby pins if necessary.

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Hairstyle With Short Jheri Curls

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Having short jheri curls in your hair can give a really amazing look. This hairstyle was very much popular during the 1980s as it was worn by most of the celebrities. It is one of the non maintenance hairstyle that can be created using a jheri curl styling kit.
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Comb the hair to create four parts and apply a little amount of hair softening cream available in the styling kit. Let the cream to stay on the hair for the time mentioned on the kit and rinse it from your hair using warm water. Now wash the hair normally using neutralizing shampoo and roll the hair in perm rods. Take the permanent wave product from the kit and use it on the hair rolled in the perm rods. Make sure mist the permanent wave spray all over the hair on the rod and cover it using shower cap for about half an hour. Now get the hair rinsed to remove the permanent wave product and use the neutralizing solution on the hair in the rod. Leave it for about five minutes and use warm water for rinsing the hair again. Make the hair to dry using a towel and take it out of perm rods. Start spreading curl activator from the kit all over the hair using your hands and mist it with curl moisturizer. Brush the curls using wide tooth comb to set the hairstyle.

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Short Bohemian Curls

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Short bohemian curls are the most beautiful way of styling the hair that can be created by sitting at home without using any particular tools. In this hairstyle, the curls created will be tight that is a perfect choice for the afro hair. You can get a completely natural look with this hairstyle. Use the following step to get this style done on your hair without going to a hairstylist.
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You can get this hairstyle done with different methods such as rolling the hair with the help of hair rollers. You can simply roll your hair in these rods to create small curls. Then separate your hair that has been curled to end the styling process. Use oil while separating your hair to prevent tangles. You must apply the oil once the rollers have been taken out of your hair You must do the same all over the head by separating the hair using oil. The time that is taken for rolling the hair will be about half an hour and try to use small rollers only. You must also make the hair to dry on its own after it is taken from the rollers. Separating your hair is important in order to achieve the hairstyle perfectly, so take your own time while doing this. It will also give your hair volumized look and apply a small amount of hair gel to maintain the hairstyle in perfect shape.

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Styling A Short Bouffant

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Creating a short bouffant with your hair can make you stand out in the crowd.This is a large bouffant style that was was popular from a long time. It is created by back-combing your hair and using a large amount of hairspray. This is one of the most used hairstyle among the celebrities and it can be created very easily when compared to a standard bouffant hairstyle.
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Try to separate front of hair with a comb and then take back section of the hair to create a ponytail on your head. Start taking sections of the hair from ponytail to brush comb it against the hair. Comb the top layer of the ponytail using a soft bristle brush and smooth it on ratted layer. Flip your ponytail forward and secure it using hair clips in a horseshoe shape. Comb the hair to smooth the ends and secure the sides with bobby pins. Backcomb the front of your hair and spritz it with a hairspray to brush it towards the back of your head. Use hair clips to secure the hair and pin the ends under your bun if you are having one.  Backcomb the entire front section of hair to mist a little amount of hairspray and sweep it at the back of the head to secure it with hair clips.

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Creating Short Looking Hair Waves

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Creating waves with a short hair can be difficult for most of the people, but it is possible to add waves in a short hair by following few steps. You can use the same technique that is used to create waves with long hair even if your hair is short. Here is a cornrow method that is mostly used by many to create waves in their hair.
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To add waves in a short hair, first take a small hair part which will be used to create the cornrows. You must pick up smaller section of hair to create the cornrows and try to apply a little amount of hair product that is useful while creating the braids. Then separate the hair section into three parts and take left strand over center strand, then right hair strand over the center strand. Continue this process till you get to the bottom of your hair. Next pull the hair that will be used for the braiding process and include it with the middle hair strand. Use this method of braiding your hair all over the head to get the cornrow and keep it in place using a small hair band. Make the hair to dry naturally without using a heating tool or you can use the blow dryer with low heat to dry the hair immediately. Once your hair looks dry try to take the cornrows out and the hair will start to look wavy.

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Short Buzz Cut

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A short buzz cut is one of the simplest way of creating a unique look where the hair will be cut very close to your head. The length of the hair will be same all over the head and it is also known to be very easy to maintain than other short hairstyles. This haircut can be a perfect choice for those who have a thin hair and it is mostly worn by men when compared to women. There are few famous celebrities who have worn this hairstyle on several accessions.
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To create the short buzz cut, first you must purchase the hair clippers and number 1 clipper guide. Then add the guide in the hair clippers and use it with lowest setting. You must follow your contours over the head starting from front to the back of your head. Make sure to push the hair clipper to move over top of your head than sliding it towards downward. While using the clipper at the side of the head, you must try lifting the hair clipper from the back of your head to front by simply following contour of your ear to match it with the hair at the side. At last lift your hair clippers from bottom of the head and move upwards to make the haircut look even all around your head. Try to glide the clippers along your head than dipping them in from of the head to make this haircut very easy.

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