Side Twisted Braid

side twisted braid side twisted braid2
Sided twisted braid is a beautiful way styling your hair that can be suitable for any face shapes. But you must have at least medium length hair to get this hairstyle in a perfect shape. Most of the people think this hairstyle can be difficult to create without going to a hair specialist, but it is just like creating a standard braid. You must use hair extensions along with your original hair to achieve this twisted braid look.
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First purchase a hair extension that matches your natural hair color. Then make a simple part straight down in from of the head and keep one of the sections secured with elastic. Now take the loose hair section and divide it as two parts. Take the hair extension and fold it into half for keeping it between the two hair parts. Try to add one side in your folded extension with the original hair strand and continue the same on the other part of your folded extension. There must be two hair strands featuring extension and original hair. Now you must twist hair strand on both the side of the head at least one inch and pull both of them at one side of the head. You can twist your hair by taking right hair strand over left hair strand and continue this till the end of your hair. At last use elastic to keep the hair secured at the tip of your braid.

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