Simple Looking Straight Hairstyle

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Most of the people want to make their hair straight, but they will be afraid to use the hairstyling tools. There are also few simple things that can be followed to make the hair straight with getting into a professional way. You can also consult a hairstylist before making the hair straight. Make sure that the hair has been fully washed before you start the styling process.
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First apply a hair conditioner on a clean hair and purchase the conditioner that is used while making the hair straight. Then rinse the hair and dry it with a towel than using a blow dryer. Once the hair becomes slightly damp, now you can use the blow dryer to prevent the frizzy look in your hair. Next apply small amount of hair serum as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. Start combing your hair completely from the root and move till the hair ends which will spread the serum through the hair. Use the blow dryer along with straightening nozzle on your hair all over in various directions. Now keep the hair section secured and take another section to use the same technique. Move the blow dryer about 90 degree angle over the hair section and brush it straight from top to bottom. Continue the same method all over the hair in sections using the blow dryer to end the straightening process.

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