Creating Sock Waves At Home

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Sock waves are a simple way of creating beautiful hairstyle without using any special hairstyling products. This is the best way to achieve waves without applying heat on the hair. You can do the same at home to create the waves by using this simple method. Anyone who wants to create the waves in their hair without spending money can follow this technique. You can just use the socks that are too old to use to achieve this hairstyle.
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First take a sock and try to cut it into half which will be used to create the waves. You must use at least 5-6 socks to create large waves in the hair. Now take your sock that has been cut into half for rolling it around your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends gets wrapped around the small sock. Try to roll the hair along with your sock till you reach near the scalp of the scalp. After reaching the perfect place near the hair roots make a simple knot to keep it secured in place. Leave the hair wrapped in the same way all over the head and leave it overnight. In the morning you can just unroll the sock from your hair to achieve beautiful bouncy waves all over the head. Now style the entire waves in your hair using your fingers and don’t use a hair brush.

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