Styling Your Spiky Fringe

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Spiky fringe is a hairstyle that is liked by most of the women who want to make their look beautiful. This is one of the most unique way of styling the hair with any length. You can achieve this look by visiting a hairstylist or cutting the hair by sitting at home using few simple staying tools.
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First brush the bangs in front of the head and take the remaining hair at the back of the head. Now take one inch hair section from the bangs in between pointer and your middle finger. Make sure to pull your hair slightly down to keep it flat and cut the hair gently. Try to cut the bangs long than it should actually look as you are pulling it using your hands. Use the same method on the remaining parts of your bangs and cut them gently with the scissors. Next pull out the one inch bangs section with your fingers again towards upward from the head and start cutting them downwards than in a straight line that was done previously. You can cut the bangs deep if required to achieve the spiky look and comb the bangs as usual away from your forehead. At last use a blow dryer over the bangs that have been cut and touch up hair using your scissors only if you see unwanted hair sticking out of the hairstyle.

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