Steps To Get Garlic Treatment At home

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Garlic treatment on hair is a process that can be undergone at home for various purposes. Once of the most important thing that can be achieved with the garlic treatment is making your hair healthy. It is also known to prevent hair loss and make the hair look shiny. Instead of using the normal garlic over your hair, you can try to purchase shampoos and other products that feature garlic extract suitable for your hair.
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Getting a garlic treatment can help in making hair strong and also maintain the moisture in your hair that can prevent it from getting damaged. The garlic can add more volume into your hair along with shine and make it look fuller. You can also stay away from flaky scalps while treating it with the garlic. If you are using it over the scalp, the garlic can improve blood circulation by removing the harmful toxins before rejuvenating your hair follicles. For undergoing garlic treatment, try to purchase the product from a specialty drugstore near your home and there are also few online beauty product sales website that can be referred. It is important to do a test with the garlic before purchasing the product. To do this, first take half of garlic and rub it over the scalp for half an hour before going to bed. Then apply olive oil before covering it with a cap and wash your hair in the morning.

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Steps To Grow Your Relaxed Hair

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Growing a relaxed hair that looks very fine requires few simple methods. You must give special attention to this type of hair as it will be chemically styled. Those who have a fine hair they will see their hair grow long during your maintenance. If your hair looks shiny, this is the best indication that it is healthy and never over process your hair.
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Always apply the hair relaxers that are specially developed for fine hair. Don’t leave the relaxer on your hair for more than the time mentioned on the kit. Wash the hair with normal shampoo that is provided along with the relaxer as other shampoo will cause damage to the hair. Don’t use touch up tools too much on your hair within a month to prevent hair damage. Try to cut the hair ends during your touch-up process. Always comb your hair using a wide tooth hair brush and leave the hair to dry on its own. This will help your hair to become strong and prevent breakage. Get your hair treated with hot oil at least once in 2 weeks. This treatment will help to make the hair look strong and use olive oil for better treatment to your hair. At last you can get help from a hair specialist if you are using the chemical hair relaxers. Consult the hairstylist before going for the hair relaxing treatment on the fine hair.

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Steps To Take Out Excess Color From Hair

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Coloring the hair can give a new look for everyone, but sometimes while doing this at home the color may look excess on the hair. In case there is too much color on your hair while styling the hair at home, it can spoil your entire look. There are ways to correct the extra color applied on your hair without going to a saloon.
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Start by just washing the hair with clarifying shampoo as many times as possible as this shampoo has been specially developed to take out chlorine from the hair for swimmers. Continue to shampoo wash the hair several times and the color will start to fade slowly. Another option is to purchase the hair color removal kit from L’Oreal. Just spread this product on your hair as usual the extra color on your hair can removed easily. This is one of the best hair color fading product that can also be used on the permanent hair color. Try to apply this product as soon as possible to get the perfect result. In case all these options fail to do any good job on your hair, go to a hairstylist and they can suggest the best option available to remove the extra color from your hair. Sometimes there will be bad looking shades seen on your hair after this process which can treated by coloring your hair with dark hue.

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Steps To Get Parted Hair Bangs

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Parted hair bangs is one of the easiest ways of styling your hair in a quick time. There will be bangs in this hairstyle that will be parted in the middle of your head and it is a versatile style which can be paired along with hair down for a casual look. Many celebrities like to wear this hairstyle in case they have a long hair which makes easy to maintain and to create it. To create this style, first try to have at least medium to length hair. Just follow this simple way to achieve this style at home without getting any help.
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To get parted hair bangs, begin the hairstyling process by spreading a little amount of straightening balm all over the bangs after cleaning them on a damp hair. Use your fingers starting from the center of your forehead through the bangs and separate the hair into half. Start curling one half of the bangs with a round brush by keeping it next to your forehead and brush it toward the face. Use a blow dryer and dry the hair by pulling it through the bangs to make the hair curl inward. Clamp the flat iron on one half of your bangs near the scalp and then slowly draw it down your hair. Spread a little amount of smooth motion and each half of the bangs and follow the same process on the other bangs too.

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Steps To Use Du-Rags

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Du-Rags can be used to cover the hairstyle when you are going to bed to sleep. It was very popular during the 1950s where most of the people used to wear it. It is helpful in maintaining the hairstyles in perfect shape such as curls and waves. The du-rag has been one of the most used hairstyling product by the Black Americans from a long time, but now it is also worn by other people.
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The du-rags are available in polyester most of the time, but there are also fabrics that are used to make the du-rags. It is also available in different color options that can be worn for various occasions. This product is also considered to be significant as it is able to combine the styles as well as cultures over time. Some of the people normally wear the du-rags as per their wish and others wear them throughout the day. The du-rag that is made of polyester is widely used by most of people and it is also much effective than other materials to keep the hairstyle intact. Usually the size of du-rags will be long that must cover your entire head. Those who wear the du-rags will also tie it near their ears to make it secured neatly in place. If you are creating a braid with your hair, then try to cover them with the du-rags at night times.

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Steps To Maintain Lazy Curls

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Lazy curls in your hair can give a good look, but most of time it will lose the shape that can cause frizz. There are ways that can be useful in making the lazy curls to stay in it place. This can help the curls to flow around your head just like natural curls in the hair. Try to wash the hair with curls 2 days in a week to maintain the moisture in your hair that can make the curls to stay in perfect shape.
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First clean the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and condition it. Try to rinse the hair after applying a hair conditioner and you can also mist the hair with leave-in hairspray after the shampoo process. Apply a small amount of hair gel all over the strands of your hair and style the curls using your fingers. Move your fingers with the gel from middle of the hair and gently move to the hair ends. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as it can make the curls to dry removing the curly look. In case you want to dry the hair with the blow dryer, try to attach he diffuser along with it. Use the curling iron for creating the shape in your curls and style them with your fingers. Don’t comb the hair with hair brush as it can make the curls look flat.

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Steps To Take Toner Out Of Your Hair

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Hair toner can be used to change the tone of your hair permanently than just changing its color. Most of the time the hair toner will give a very beautiful look to your hair, but in some case it can look very bad. You can get rid of the toner from your hair by following few simple steps.
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First wear hand gloves before mixing the developer along with lightening powder. Then mix 2 ounces shampoo in the mixture and try to blend them perfectly in the bowl. Start applying this mixture on your hair with the help of a color brush. Let the mixture stay on the hair strands for about ten minutes. You can check the color of your hair by rinsing one small section with water. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the hair section to see the result. In case you are not satisfied with the color of your hair, use the mixture once again over your hair and leave it for five minutes. Next rinse the entire hair using warm water and use the shampoo during this process. Add a small amount of hair conditioner on your hair strands and leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing the hair once again. Once the hair gets dry naturally you can style it as per your wish and don’t use a hair dryer during this time.

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Steps To Maintain Biracial Hair

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Biracial hair involves a difficult process to maintain for most of the people and it also needs special attention during the styling. Apart from using few particular products, you must use proper methods and processes to make them look good. Different hair types need differing levels of styling steps and you can use the following procedure to suit only specific needs of a biracial hair. This method can help to make your hair look naturally healthy and beautiful.
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Try to wash the hair with a high quality shampoo and then condition it with a moisturizing cream. Pat the hair dry with a clean towel. Then comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and spread a curl-enhancing cream to soften the curls. Divide sections of the hair and use smooth conditioner or cream through the ends. Leave the hair to dry naturally because using heat may damage the hair. Next apply natural oil to the locks before starting the blow drying process. Try to use a bonnet style blow dryer which can be less damaging than a blow dryer. Use the ceramic flat iron with lowest setting to straighten the hair. Pin the hair up in sections to straighten the hair at the neck first and move from section to section, base of the scalp to tips of the hair. Finally spread an anti-frizz serum all over the hair to straighten it and also to maintain sheen.

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Steps To Create Ghana Cornrows

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Ghana cornrows are the most unique hairstyle that is worn by most of the people and it is very common among African American. There will be sharp hair ends in this hairstyle and it will look almost similar to the normal cornrow hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the braid will look thin at beginning and then slowly become thick as you reach at the end. To achieve this hairstyle, you can follow this simple technique.
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First make center part with your hair as straight as possible and start the process with one side of the head. Secure the hair that is not used for the braiding process with a hair band and start the thin hair section. The thin hair part will be separated into three sections that will be sued to create the hairstyle. Braid the hair from your scalp by pulling thin hair and take more hair while creating the cornrow. You must also add more hair in order to maintain the hairstyle straight. While reaching the end of your hair, try to create a standard cornrow. Once you get the thin and thick effect in your hairstyle, do the same method to create the cornrows on the remaining hair parts all over the head. Just leave the hair as it is after creating the hairstyle and avoid using any type of hair accessories as it can spoil your entire look.

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Steps To Clean The Wig Properly

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Maintaining the wig is a very important process and it not like natural hair. There will be frizz in your wig if you fail to treat it in a proper way. Most of the time, the wig will start to look bad after your wash it. So always try to clean the wig with proper methods to keep it without damaging. You must need a wig shampoo and hair conditioner to do this process at home.
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Start the wig cleaning after brushing it properly from top to end to remove the tangles. Then take cold water in a tub and add one tbsp wig shampoo into it. Try to keep the wig inside the tub by using your hands and swirl it for some time. Let the wig stay in the water for at least ten minutes after you twirl it. Now take the wig out of the water and rinse it normally. Take another tub of cold water and keep the wig once again into it and swirl it for the second time in the same way as you did before. Keep the wig in water for five minutes and then pull it out of the water. Now take a tub of water and mix one tbsp hair conditioner. Keep the wig in this water as you did earlier and swirl it again for the final time before drying the wig.

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