Steps To Make Hair Follicles Thick

thick hair follicle thick hair follicle2
Hair follicles is only available in certain numbers and it cannot be increased. But you can try to make the hair follicles thick by using some of the natural ways. There is no need to purchase any special products for doing this a home. Avoid doing too much work as it can cause stress and affect blood circulation.
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To make the hair follicles thick by following a natural method, first you must do proper exercise daily without fail and maintain the heart rate perfectly which is very important in the circulation of blood. By doing exercise you will be able to improve blood circulation that will be helpful in producing natural oils in your hair that can make the hair follicles thick. Try to do yoga which can reduce stress and improve blood circulation very easily. Another option is following balanced diet which must contain protein. Protein is able to produce amino acids which are important for the growth of hair follicle and it can also repair the follicle if it is damaged. You can also treat the hair follicles are by drinking herbal tea at least 3 times in a week as it is known to increase the blood circulation. Don’t use any type of chemical products that is said to treat the hair follicles as you can damage it further. The best method for making the hair follicles thick is by following natural ways that can maintain it in a perfect shape.

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Steps To Maintain Frizzy Curls

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Frizzy curls can give a hard time for most of the women as they will not stay in one place. You can use a hairstyling product for keeping the frizzy curls in place. Try to keep the styling products such as anti-frizz cream, flat iron and hair brush. One of the best way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair is making it straight. You can also styling product to achieve the same look, but it can control frizz only for some time and hair will start to lose its texture after few hours.
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First comb your entire hair using the brush and start applying the anti-frizz cream all over. Then take a small section of hair use the flat iron on this section from top to bottom. Make sure it has been straightened completely before moving on to the other hair section. Maintain the flat iron with 350 degree and using more heat on the hair can serious damage to it. By doing this on the entire hair section the curls will start to become straight and the frizz will be removed completely. Straightening the hair is the only way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair and using other methods can keep the frizz under control for few minutes. The same technique can be used on other types of hair that looks frizzy. Be careful while using the flat iron on your hair and don’t keep it on the hair for a long time.

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Steps To Make Brown Hair Straight

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Making the brown hair straight is very easy and you can do this like do this in the same way that is used for straightening other hair types. You can achieve the straight look in a brown hair without using any kind of heat styling products to prevent damage to the hair leading to hair loss. The hair straightening process that is done without using heating tools can also give the same result that is achieved by using such tools.
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Begin you hair straightening method after washing your hair with shampoo and then apply a deep hair conditioner. Then use liquid-setting hair lotion and comb the hair from top to bottom. Separate the hair into two parts and use large rollers on both these hair sections as tightly you can. Comb the remaining hair from top to end in clockwise direction with many strokes which can give a hive look to the hair. Make that the hair looks spiral over the head towards downward and keep on combing the hair to keep it smooth. Now you can make the hair to get dry using hair clips or cover the hair with hair bonnet before going to bed. Once the hair becomes completely dry, comb the hair sections gently and avoid using hair dryer or other tools for drying your hair. Once the hair starts to lose its hive shape, it will become fully straight that can be styled as per your wish.

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Steps To Make Your Hair Mayonnaise Free

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Mayonnaise can be used for conditioning hair which can make it look shiny and healthy. Just like other hair conditioners, the mayonnaise can also stay in your hair even after rinsing it in a proper way. This can make your hair look oily and spoil your entire hairstyle. The remove the mayonnaise out of your hair just try to wash the entire hair with shampoo than going to a hair specialist.
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To get rid of the mayonnaise from hair fully, first you must apply a diluted shampoo all over the hair and spread it evenly throughout. Then rinse your hair till the shampoo comes out of your hair and use your fingers for removing the mayonnaise from your hair. If you have a short hair the mayonnaise will be removed out of your hair for the first shampoo wash and if you have a long hair, try to use the shampoo at least two times. While washing your hair second time with the shampoo make sure to create lather in the hair so your fingers slide easily into the hair. Now you can go through the hair to check whether it looks oily. Then brush your hair to make sure that the mayonnaise is removed fully out of your hair. Use cold water to rinse the hair finally to make the hair look shiny. Those who have a damaged hair must apply a hair conditioner after washing their hair with the shampoo.

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Steps To Close Trim Your Hair

close trim hair close trim hair2
Close trimming hair is a process that can be used to cut the hair very short. This type of hairstyle is normally worn by men than women. This hair trimming process can vary among different people depending upon the texture of their hair. Here are few things that can be considered while styling the hair in this technique. Use a simple hair clipper with the right guards to achieve this style.
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First comb the hair to make it tangle free and decide about the length of your hair after the trimming process. Then take the clippers with particular guard for starting the cutting process. Make sure to cover your shoulder using a cloth to prevent the hair from falling over your dress. Begin the trimming process on individual hair strands from left side of the head and move towards the back of your head. To get low haircuts, try to cut the hair against its grain and use the shears later. Then take the guards from the clipper to lower its lever fully and trim the hair on your other side of the head. Try to cut the hairline near temples to make it look perpendicular on top of the hairline. To cut the hair near your neck, move the clippers along its edges gently. You must make the hairline look even on both the side of the head. After completing the trimming process apply a little amount of oil on the trimmed areas.

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Steps To Make Big Hair Curls Straight

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Have you created big curls in the hair and planning to change the way you look by making them straight, then it is important to follow few perfect hairstyling steps. This can help to maintain the hair in a perfect shape without causing any damage. This method can be followed at home without consulting any hairstylist. Try to get a hot iron from a store and you can also consult a hair specialist before owning the iron to make sure it doesn’t damage your hair.
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big curls straight5 big curls straight6
To begin the styling, first you must purchase anti-frizz lotion and hot iron that is suitable for your hair type. Then start combing your hair with a normal hair brush and select a small hair section for the styling process. Try to spread the anti-frizz lotion all over the hair before taking the section out. Now you must use the hot iron on your hair section and try to move it from top to end of the hair. Don’t use the iron when it is too hot as it can cause severe damage to the hair. Use the same method on the other part of your hair till they become completely straight. Get support from anyone if you are feeling difficult to handle the iron on the hair. Use the anti-frizz lotion without fail on the hair before using the iron as it can prevent the hair from getting too hot which can easily damage the hair.

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Steps To Prepare Weak Hair Color

weak hair color weak hair color2
Hair coloring is a very unique process that is followed by most of the people. Most of the time a weak hair color can make the coloring process to work very slowly which is one of the best way to known how much color can be applied over your hair to achieve the best result. There are few people who have been facing problems while coloring the hair at home as the color applied over the hair can become darker sometimes. So it is better to make the coloring product weak by following this method which can be helpful in maintaining the hair color as light as possible.
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weak hair color5 weak hair color6
First take same amount of hair color and developer in a small bowl. Try to add at least one tbsp water and try to mix them in a perfect way. You can use a coloring brush for stirring the mixture in the bowl for at least 4-5 minutes and make sure that it has been properly mixed before proceeding further. Leave the mixture open for ten more minutes and don’t use any kind of lid to cover it during this time. The hair color will start to become weak due to the natural air that will oxidize it perfectly. Now you can use this mixture on the hair as usual without getting help from anyone. Try to use water in the mixture depending upon the color you want to achieve after applying it over the hair.

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Steps To Make Dark Hair Light

color treat hair color treat hair2
Making the hair lighter after getting the color treatment can be difficult for most of them if they are trying to do it at home. There are few options that can be followed to achieve a lighter hair, but with extra care. You can also use a deep conditioner for treating the hair that looks darker after the coloring process if it is just 2-3 days old.
color treat hair3 color treat hair4

color treat hair5 color treat hair6
First wash the hair using clarifying shampoo and make sure that the hair become free of shampoo after the rinsing process. Then take a small strand of hair for drying it with the help of a hair dryer and in case it still looks much darker, you must continue with the styling process. Use a dandruff shampoo for massaging it over the hair from top to end and rinse the entire hair once again till it becomes clean. Now dry the hair once again, as you did before to see whether the strand of your hair has become lighter. You must continue this process till the hair becomes lighter after the coloring process. Use hot oil over the hair strands from end to the scalp and leave it for at least twenty minutes to complete the treatment. Then rinse the oil from your hair completely to get into the look. After getting this process done at home you are unable to achieve the hair color, try to get help from a hairstylist for better treatment.

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Steps To Grow Relaxed Hair

fine relaxed hair fine relaxed hair2
Making the hair relaxed can be a difficult process and in case you are trying to grow your hair naturally relaxed it can give a hard time. Most of the people usually prefer to relax their hair using chemicals, but you can also achieve it naturally. Here is a method to grow relaxed hair without using any hairstyling products go to a hairstyling for better hair growth.
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fine relaxed hair5 fine relaxed hair6
Try using the hair relaxer made especially for the fine textured hair such as mild relaxers as they feature low levels of straightening chemical. Don’t use touch up products more than one time in six months as it can damage the hair permanently. Also don leave the relaxer on your hair for a long time as it can easily effect your hair growth. Always comb the hair using wide tooth brush after dividing it into different parts. Make the hair to dry naturally or you can also use loose curlers to prevent any kind of damages. Give the hair sometime to repair naturally without using any products before styling it with heating tools. Get hot oil treatment one in 2 weeks which can make your hair shaft stronger and use the same treatment on the hair a day before going for chemical treatment. You can select olive oil for getting the hot oil treatment as it is known to be the best natural product or there are also other products that are available in a local store.

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Steps To Regenerate Hair Follicles

dormant follicles dormant follicles2
Having dormant follicles in your hair can make it look completely loose as it will stop to produce long hair. There are few ways that can help to regenerate your hair follicles and you must consult a hair specialist before using any such products. Rogaine is considered to be a perfect choice for regenerating the hair follicles and can be used after consulting a professional hairstylist or doctor. This product can be used by men as well as women and try to give more attention to your hair while using it to prevent side effects.
dormant follicles3 dormant follicles4

dormant follicles5 dormant follicles6
Make sure to use Rogaine product all over the head at least two times a day after reading the instructions written over the product. You can use this product once the hair starts to become thin which can very much helpful in growing your hair back. Try to massage the hair product over the scalp with the help of your fingers. Leave it over the scalp as per the time mentioned on the product and stay away from water during this time. You can use this product for around 6 months after consulting the hairstylist to achieve good results. Even after this time you face the same problem go to a doctor for other treatments. If your are using the Rogaine product look for any side effects such as itching and sometimes the hair will start to grow in places where you have accidentally use the product.

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