Add Volume To Straight Hair With Diffuser

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If you are planning to create more volume into your hair just use a diffuser along with a blow drying process. The diffuser is a simple attachment that is mostly used by the hairstylist. To use the diffuser on the straight hair, just follow this simple technique. The diffuser can be used on any type of hair starting from short to long and don’t use it after conditioning your hair.
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After cleaning your hair try to dry it using a normal towel. Then apply a small amount curl-enhancing cream from end of your hair and move towards the root. Now take the blow dryer and attach the diffuser along with it. Use the blow dryer with low speed over the hair starting from the hair root in a circular motion very gently all over. Keep your hair dryer just over the head at 90 degree angle as it can add more volume into your hair. After the hair becomes dry on top the head slightly move to the hair ends by keeping the blow dryer in its original position. Now try to flip the hair slightly upside down for the drying process along with diffuser for another 1 minute. The diffuser can also be used to dry the hair that has been cut. Avoid using the diffuser and the blow dryer immediately after washing your hair as it can spoil your look.

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Using Curling Gel On A Straight Hair

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Curling hair gel is normally used to create curls in your hair, but the same product can be applied on the straight hair to make it curly. You must use your fingers to spread the gel evenly all over the hair, but try to get some practice to prevent damage to your hair. Just purchase the hair gel that is suitable fir your hair type. Consult a hairstylist before choosing the gel to create look you are trying to achieve.
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The first option is creating coils in your hair by wrapping the hair around fingers and securing them in place using pins. Then mist the hair with gel to end the process and you must use the double rod set on each hair parts that need to be curled. Next create a braid with your hair and remove them after few hours to make it look curly. There are chances to create the crimped look by following the braid method with your hair. Try to create a normal twist in your hair with your hands to make it look curly, but if you have a naturally straight it can be difficult to achieve the curls. Whichever method is used to create the curly look, make sure to spread a small amount of hair gel into the strands to make your styling process simple. Don’t use too much of gel on the hair as it can spoil the look.

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Creating High Ponytail With Straight Hair

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Creating high ponytail with straight hair can be very easy and it can also give a great look. It is also considered to be a high fashion hairstyle which can be created at home without getting any help from a hair specialist. Most of the models and designers wear this type of hairstyle for fashion shows. This style can look good on every hair type starting from straight to curly and fine to thick hair. Make sure that you hair least shoulder length before beginning the styling process.
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To high ponytail with straight hair, first apply little amount of mousse on a dry hair and work it through the roots. Then blow dry the hair and collect about three inches of hair at the center of the head. Use a comb by closely setting its teeth to tease the section of hair from two to three inches back and move the comb forward. Mist all over the teased section of hair with an extra hold hairspray. Continue to tease the rest of your hair with a fine-tooth comb by spraying each section. At last arrange the rest of the hair to create a high ponytail at the center of your head that highlights the tease and wrap it with an elastic band. Next smooth down the hair on both the sides of your head and just leave the teased section high. If you want include few decorative hair pieces with the hairstyle.

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Making Straight Hair To Grow Lengthy

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Making the straight hair to grow lengthy is not so easy, as it can cause breakage. You must follow a proper method to achieve a long looking straight hair. It is important to maintain the hair in a proper when you are planning to make the hair to grow long. The straight hair will be fragile as it has undergone chemical process which can lead to easy breakage. So making them grow long will be difficult for most of the people.
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Always wash your hair using only the moisturizing shampoo. You must apply this shampoo over your head and try to massage it gently in your scalp along with the hair. Use cold water for rinsing your hair to grow the hair moisturized. Try to condition your hair once it has been washed with a shampoo. Moisturizing conditioner can be a perfect choice for a newly grown hair. Leave the conditioner over your hair for just five minutes before rinsing it with normal water. You must always comb the hair using wide-tooth hair brush to take the tangles out and try to brush it from the end before moving towards the root of your hair. Get a haircut at least once in a month by going to a hairstylist as it can make the hair grow as fast as possible. Try creating a braid with your hair when it is still wet and after the hair becomes fully dry, brush it completely.

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Styling Straight Hair Using Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera hair gel is the natural hairstyling product for using it on the straight hair. There are also other products for using it on the straightened hair, but they can be much costly. Aloe Vera has been used by most of the people for treating their skin from a long time, but it can also be helpful while treating the straight hair.
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First option is using aloe Vera hair gel and apply it gently over the scalp on daily basis before going to bed. You can also take 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel and mix it with the shampoo for washing the hair. Then add 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel into the conditioner for applying it over your hair to maintain the moisture in it. Another option is take little amount of aloe Vera hair gel in your hands and spread it over the entire hair from top to end to make it look shiny. Aloe Vera hair gel can also be applied over the hair ends that look dry as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. You can also make deep conditioner with the help of aloe Vera hair gel by mixing it with olive oil. Try to apply this mixture over the hair completely and brush it using a wide tooth hair brush. Wash the hair after half an hour to achieve the best result.

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High Quiff Ponytail With Straight Hair

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High quiff ponytail is a new version of the standard pompadour hairstyle that is possible to be worn by both the genders from a long time. In this hairstyle, there will be a back-combed puffy crown along with a straight ponytail positioned mid-head. To achieve this hairstyle, you must make sure that the length of the hair medium to long or add an extension to your hair to make it long enough to start the styling process. This hairstyle is a perfect choice only for a formal occasion.
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high quiff ponytail5 high quiff ponytail6
Start the process by blowing your hair to dry which will make straight hair into a curly looking hair will not look perfect for this hairstyle. Collect the front part of the hair from temple to temple and secure it out of the way. Take the sides of your hair back off the face and keep the hair as smooth as possible to create a ponytail. Next backcomb the top section of the hair and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray. Smooth the outer surface of the hair with a paddle brush and take it back to the crown by pushing it forward to create a quiff. The hair may get tangled, so try to be careful during this process. Wrap the ends which are hanging down your back at the base of the ponytail. Smooth back all of the hair and mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to get the desired effect.

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Dealing With Flyaways In Straight Hair

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Flyaways can soil any type of hairstyle which must be taken care in a proper way to prevent hair damages. There are few things that can help to prevent flyaways in the hair which is mainly straight. The flyaways in a curly or wavy hair can be left on its own and the same is not possible with a straight hair. Just use the following technique to stay away from flyaways in a straight hair.
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The flyaways occur due to cold weather where the hair will become dry and sometimes flyaways can be seen if you fail to style the hair in a proper way. In case you going out during the cold season which makes the hair dry try to apply a small amount of hair oil all over which can help to maintain its original place for some time. The oil can help to moisturize your hair that can easily make the flyways maintain in its place. If you see the flyaways while styling the hair, try to use the hairstyling method in a proper way once again to get rid of the flyaways. There are different types of hairstyles that can help to prevent the flyaways in your hair. The flyaways in a straight doesn’t occur very easily and it can be treated very easily when compared to other types of hair. Try misting the hair with a spray before moving out of the home which can prevent the flyaways on temporary basis.

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Ways To Make Rolled Bun With Straight Hair

straight-rolled-bun straight-rolled-bun2
Creating the rolled bun with straight hair is a very easy way oto achieve this hairstyle and it can be perfect choice for those who want a casual as well as edgy look. The bun can be placed either high or low on your head which will appear to roll out from the center. This hairstyle will look very complicated to achieve, but it can be created easily at home. Here is a simple technique that can help to achieve this style easily.
straight-rolled-bun3 straight-rolled-bun4

straight-rolled-bun5 straight-rolled-bun6
First pull out a tube sock and cut the bottom foot area just leaving a sleeve-like piece of fabric. Start rolling the sleeve-like piece of fabric itself and start washing the hair completely. Then brush the hair fully once it becomes dry. Create a ponytail using a hair tie and try to keep it as high or low as you wish. Next keep the rolled sock over the ponytail and make sure to keep the center of the ponytail to face directly upwards. Keep the hair from your ponytail evenly on the entire perimeter of sock roll which should cover completely and secure it with another hair tie. At last wrap the leftover tendrils that are hanging from the sides of the bun around base and then secure it with bobby pins. Try to add any hair accessories to make your hairstyle look more interesting and also match it with a proper outfit.

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Create A Flip Out With Straight Hair

straight hair flip straight hair flip2
Creating a flip out with a straight hair will make your hairstyle very unique that can be worn for different occasions. Those who have a naturally straight hair will be able to achieve the flip out within few minutes, but others must follow a particular method to achieve the look. Just use the following method to create the flip out with a straight hair.
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straight hair flip5 straight hair flip6
As usual clean your hair with a shampoo and remove the excess water using a normal towel. Then apply hair mousse all over the strands from top to end with the help of your fingers. Then brush the hair to spread the mousse all over the hair evenly. Next use a hair dryer with medium heat and make sure to use a round brush along with the dryer. Using a round brush is very important during the hair drying process as it can make the hair ends to curl outward. Also make the blow dryer to face around the round brush to dry the curls in your hair. Use the same technique of drying your hair all over the head and try to flip the bottom of your hair outward. You can change the look of your hair with the help of the flat iron if needed. Try to create a curve at the end of your flat iron to achieve a sleek look. End the styling process after misting it with a little amount of finishing spray.

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Straight Hair With Dreadlock Twist

dreadlock twist dreadlock twist2
A dreadlock twist is a perfect option to change the normal hairstyle into a beautiful and unique looking hairstyle. You must follow a particular styling method to achieve this look and this style can be created with any type of hair. Here are few steps that can be helpful in creating the dreadlock twist with a straight hair. In case you want to create this hairstyle with a fully straight hair, try to create braids and crimps to keep the styling process simple.
dreadlock twist3 dreadlock twist4

dreadlock twist5 dreadlock twist6
First apply a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hairstyle after washing it fully and dry the hair as usual. Then take a hair section at the back of your neck and keep the remaining hair secure using a hair clip. Now backcomb your hair section with the help of a normal hair brush at least 2-3 times. Take half tbsp wax which is slightly warm in your fingers for using over the base of your dreadlock in a twist motion. Do this from top to end of your hair section very gently and you can also use more wax to make the hairstyle look perfect. Try to hold the dreadlock in between the hands and roll it up as well as down to make it look like a snake which will make the lock to twist completely. Now take another section of hair adjacent to your first twisted hair section and use the same method over it.

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