Methods To Revive A Damaged Straight Hair

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Hair can be damaged due to various styling methods such as perming, coloring, heat styling or more. The straight hair can get damaged very easily due to the heat use for styling it. Reviving a damaged straight hair will usually take months of time as you must do it very delicately with additional care. You can follow these simple steps to maintain the damaged straight hair properly.
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The first option is cutting the hair which has split ends which can prevent further damage to your hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as it can remove the natural oil present in the hair. In case you want to wash the hair use moisturizing shampoo which can help to treat the damaged hair. After cleaning the hair, try to apply a deep hair conditioner which can help to seal the hair shaft by closing your hair cuticles. Make the deep conditioner to sit on the hair for at least half an hour before rinsing it normally. You can also use leave-in hair conditioner on daily basis to keep the hair ends away from splitting. It can also give extra moisture to the hair locks that can help to revive your damaged hair. When your hair gets tangled or you find knots in the hair, try to comb them very gently using wide tooth hair brush. Follow all these steps on regular basis to revive the straight hair to its original position if it is damaged.

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Olivia Palermo With Glossy Straight Hair

Olivia Palermo is a young American socialite.  She came into big picture post her prominent role in the reality TV series The City. Her role in the same was appreciated by the audience who also loved her hot looks and hairstyle.

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Olivia’s glossy straight hairs turned inspirational for many. Her eclectic style is full of accessories which she wears in a flawless way. Her blonde locks comes with shiny straight haircut, giving her a pretty doll look.




If you want to don Olivia’s hairstyle, maintain a regular length and make apt use of conditioners.

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