Simple Looking Straight Hairstyle

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Most of the people want to make their hair straight, but they will be afraid to use the hairstyling tools. There are also few simple things that can be followed to make the hair straight with getting into a professional way. You can also consult a hairstylist before making the hair straight. Make sure that the hair has been fully washed before you start the styling process.
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First apply a hair conditioner on a clean hair and purchase the conditioner that is used while making the hair straight. Then rinse the hair and dry it with a towel than using a blow dryer. Once the hair becomes slightly damp, now you can use the blow dryer to prevent the frizzy look in your hair. Next apply small amount of hair serum as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. Start combing your hair completely from the root and move till the hair ends which will spread the serum through the hair. Use the blow dryer along with straightening nozzle on your hair all over in various directions. Now keep the hair section secured and take another section to use the same technique. Move the blow dryer about 90 degree angle over the hair section and brush it straight from top to bottom. Continue the same method all over the hair in sections using the blow dryer to end the straightening process.

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Drawstring Straight Hairstyle

drawstring straight hairstyle drawstring straight hairstyle2
The drawstring straight hairstyle is the best option to style the hair on temporary basis. Most of the people select this hairstyle as it can be created with a weave piece. The weave piece will be made with human or synthetic hair and it is available in different types for styling your hair. It also features various coloring options suitable for different hair types.
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To get this hairstyle done at home, first clean your hair before applying the hair conditioner. Then comb only your natural hair using the wide-tooth hair brush. Comb your hair at the side of the head where your weave piece will be attached. Apply a small amount of hair only at the hair ends which will be able to give it more hold. Use the elastic band for keeping the ponytail secured in its place and try to wrap the hair from your ponytail around base of the ponytail for making it like a hair bun. Keep the hair bun in place with the help of bobby pins and place drawstring hair over your natural hair for attach it using the normal hair clips. Try pulling the drawstrings just over your ponytail tightly and make it cover your ponytail which was made with the help of natural hair. Wrap drawstring at the base of your natural ponytail and keep it secured using bobby pins before wrapping the ponytail holder at the base.

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Avril Lavigne With Straight Emo

avril lavigne avril lavigne2
Avril Lavigne is wearing a straight emo hairstyle is knonw to be a different way of styling your hair. This style will be usually layered and then cut in uneven lengths or shaped inward. There are many celebrities who like to wear this style as it can give them look a really attractive. This style is one of the best and most recognizable aspects of an emo style and there are several ways which can be followed to achieve this hairstyle.  Those who have short and worn one side of the face, the emo hair will have few distinct styles which will be worn by emo people.
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A straight emo style will have long as well as asymmetrical bangs which will be swept to a side which can give attention to your eyes. It will look particularly flattering for individuals who have long faces because it can help to get a more oval face shape. This hairstyle will also lend itself to the bright as well as bold highlights that are usually popular in the emo fashion. Most of the people who like to wear this type of hairstyle may also try to add hair accessories like small bows and clips to get more interesting look. It is very easy to get this hairstyle, but to make it look more perfect try to get help from an hairstylist and also create long emo hair with few bangs or strands of hair.

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Straight Hairstyle With A Choppy End

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Straight choppy hair can give a completely edgy look on any type of hair. This hairstyle is mostly liked by those who want to create a unique look. Try to get help from a hairstylist to achieve this look because you must cut the hair. In case you are good at cutting the hair at home, just follow this simple method.
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As usual start the process after cleaning the hair using a standard shampoo. Starting the styling with hair a clean hair is very important in this process to achieve the hairstyle perfectly. Then take a half inch hair part in between forefinger and the middle finger to pull the hair straight on top. Use the scissors about vertically towards the end of your hair to create the V shape. Use the same method of cutting the hair all over the head by pulling out half inch hair section. Finally there will be hair in different lengths throughout your hair which must be used to create the choppy look. Now apply a texturizing hair gel all over the head using your fingers and mainly at the end of your hair. Then take half inch hair section at the end and try to twist it gently to achieve the choppy look. Do the same at the end of your hair throughout the head. Avoid cutting the hair again once the choppy look has been achieved.

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Making Your Hair Straight With Straightener Cream

hair straightener cream hair straightener cream2
Hair straightener cream is the best solution to make the hair straight on temporary basis and it can also help to achieve smooth looking hair. This cream has been specially heat activated that can be spread over your hair from top to bottom and use a blow dryer for styling the hair. You must purchase the right straightener cream for applying it on the hair for good result.
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Start the styling with a clean hair which can maintain the straightener cream for a long time on the hair. Also brush the hair to take the tangles and knots out of the hair. Now take the straightener cream in your hand and distribute throughout the hair very gently. You can just comb the hair with the help of your fingers to make the cream to spread evenly all over your hair. Once the straightener cream starts to appear light on the hair, stop the combing process. Next divide the entire hair and secure each of the three parts with hair pins. Start using the blow dryer on the hair part by part and make sure to attach the round brush during this process. Try to use one section of hair for the blow drying process before moving on to the other hair section. Continue the blow drying process and combing with the round brush till the hair becomes fully dry. Now you can style the hair or let the hair fall on its own as it will completely straight.

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Making A Frizzy Hair To Look Straight

straight hair frizzy straight hair frizzy2
Frizzy can occur due to various reasons and in case you are planning to make it straight try to follow few important steps. The frizzy hair can be made to look straight as well as sleek without going to a saloon. Before starting the straightening process, make sure to decide whether you want to make the hair straight on temporary basis or permanently.
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First wash the hair with a shampoo and apply a hair conditioner that can control frizz. Use shampoos and hair conditioners that have been specially made to create a straight look in your hair. Then dry your hair with a blow dryer and try to use a round brush during this process. Next make parts in your hair and start rolling them with the hairbrush and try to keep your hair taut before using the blow dryer over the round brush. Now use the flat iron on the hair section to make the hair straight. Purchase the flat iron that is suitable for your hair type or you can also consult a hairstylist before using the flat iron on the hair. Use hair gel or hairsprays that can control the frizz after taking the hair out of the round brush. Make sure the entire hair section has been straightened. Don’t use the blow dryer and the flat iron on your hair section for a long time and while styling the straightened hair avoid using too much of hair product.

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Crimped Look With Straight Hair

crimped-straight-ponytail crimped-straight-ponytail2
Creating a crimped look with a straight hair can be easy, but you can also make it look good with a simple ponytail. The ponytail is a very unique fashion that is suitable for occasion and a crimped ponytail was popular from a long time. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it is very simple to create and it can also make you look beautiful without going to a hairstylist.
crimped-straight-ponytail3 crimped-straight-ponytail4

crimped-straight-ponytail5 crimped-straight-ponytail6
Try to wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and condition it. Take a crimping iron with ridges which are close to create a tighter crimped look. Spritz a heat-protecting spray all over the hair and comb it through hair to distribute the spray evenly. The spray can also prevent damage to the hair that is caused by heat from styling tools. Next brush all of the hair at the back of your head and secure it using a fabric-covered elastic band. Start crimping the ponytail from top to bottom by placing it in between the crimping iron plates. Squeeze and then release the plates after 3-4 seconds. Crimp the hair below by sliding the crimping iron down. Continue crimping your hair until the complete ponytail gets a wavy look. At last spread a little amount of anti-frizz serum in your hands and distribute it all over the hair which will prevent the hair from getting frizzy.

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Getting Steam Treatment On Straight Hair

steam straighten hair steam straighten hair2
Using steam on a straight hair can add moisture in it and this is also good for hair locks to remain healthy. The steam can be of great support for relaxed or other types of hair. The vapor from the steam can open your hair cuticles to make the conditioner enter into the strands very easily.
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Before using the steam on the straight hair, try to wash it using clarifying hair shampoo as it can help in removing the buildup that is left on the hair. Then use a hair conditioner or apply a oil that is suitable for your hair type as it can make the hair strands moisturized which is good before starting the steaming process. Wear hand gloves and moisten a cloth with water that is hot before using it over the hair. Now you can wrap the cloth with water over the hair and cover it using a plastic cap to lock the steam produced from the cloth inside the cap. Let the cloth stay on your head not more than half an hour and then take the cloth out for wetting it with hot water once again for placing it over your head for the second time. After taking the hot cloth out of your head and hair becomes normal, try to rinse the hair with cold water. Use the same technique once in a week to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent weak strands.

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Steps To Make Brown Hair Straight

brown hair straight brown hair straight2
Making the brown hair straight is very easy and you can do this like do this in the same way that is used for straightening other hair types. You can achieve the straight look in a brown hair without using any kind of heat styling products to prevent damage to the hair leading to hair loss. The hair straightening process that is done without using heating tools can also give the same result that is achieved by using such tools.
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Begin you hair straightening method after washing your hair with shampoo and then apply a deep hair conditioner. Then use liquid-setting hair lotion and comb the hair from top to bottom. Separate the hair into two parts and use large rollers on both these hair sections as tightly you can. Comb the remaining hair from top to end in clockwise direction with many strokes which can give a hive look to the hair. Make that the hair looks spiral over the head towards downward and keep on combing the hair to keep it smooth. Now you can make the hair to get dry using hair clips or cover the hair with hair bonnet before going to bed. Once the hair becomes completely dry, comb the hair sections gently and avoid using hair dryer or other tools for drying your hair. Once the hair starts to lose its hive shape, it will become fully straight that can be styled as per your wish.

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Steps To Make Big Hair Curls Straight

big curls straight big curls straight2
Have you created big curls in the hair and planning to change the way you look by making them straight, then it is important to follow few perfect hairstyling steps. This can help to maintain the hair in a perfect shape without causing any damage. This method can be followed at home without consulting any hairstylist. Try to get a hot iron from a store and you can also consult a hair specialist before owning the iron to make sure it doesn’t damage your hair.
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big curls straight5 big curls straight6
To begin the styling, first you must purchase anti-frizz lotion and hot iron that is suitable for your hair type. Then start combing your hair with a normal hair brush and select a small hair section for the styling process. Try to spread the anti-frizz lotion all over the hair before taking the section out. Now you must use the hot iron on your hair section and try to move it from top to end of the hair. Don’t use the iron when it is too hot as it can cause severe damage to the hair. Use the same method on the other part of your hair till they become completely straight. Get support from anyone if you are feeling difficult to handle the iron on the hair. Use the anti-frizz lotion without fail on the hair before using the iron as it can prevent the hair from getting too hot which can easily damage the hair.

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