Straightening Thick Short Hair

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Having a thick hair can be difficult to style in different ways for most of the people. In case the hair is short you may have to struggle for keeping the hair straight. There are ways that can help for keeping your hair straight without using any special hair products. You can use a normal straightening iron on a medium to long hair, for using it on short hair try to purchase thin hair straightening iron. The following method can be challenging for those who are straightening their hair for the first time.
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First clean the entire hair by just washing it as usual and follow with a deep conditioning process. The conditioning process is very important in this method as it can make the hair straightening very easy with the thick hair. Now brush the hair from top to bottom and take the hair sections outside. Then use the blow dryer on each of the hair section. Make few small sections in your hair and keep it secured individually. Take the hair straightening iron with medium heat and clap it with each section of your hair. Make sure to use the straightening iron on one section at a time. You can slightly increase the heat produced by the straightening iron in case the hair fails to become straight or use the straightening iron at least two times with medium heat to make the hair straight.

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Hair Straightening With Liquid Keratin

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Liquid keratin is a hair straightening product that can be used at home without following any special methods. The hair that has been straightened using this product can last only for a month. This product is not very expensive as it can be purchase by anyone who wants to make the hair straight without going to a hair specialist. There are many people all over the world who like to straighten their hair using this product.
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Before using the liquid keratin for making your hair straight, try to wash it completely using a shampoo that can get rid of oils as well as residues on the hair. Then divide your hair as per your desire into various parts and start applying the liquid keratin all over. Let the hair stay with the liquid keratin for at least half an hour before drying it with a blow dryer. Now you can use a flat iron over the hair strands in sections to make it straight. There is no need to give any special attention while making the hair straight using this product as is known to be very harmless to the hair. Try to understand that this product can make the hair straight only for few days and then you must use the same method to make it straight again. This product can be the best solution for those who want to make their hair straight by sitting at home than going to a saloon.

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Straightening Hair Using Mineral Oil

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You can use various styling process for making the hair look straight, but most of the people prefer to straighten their hair with the help of natural products. One such natural product is the mineral oil that can be used as the hairstyling product and it is also used for removing the tangles out of the hair. The mineral oil is known to feature lot of important properties that can also help making the hair healthy without any breakage. Don’t use the mineral oil on the hair in large amount as it can spoil the look.
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First clean your hair as usual and apply a proper shampoo along with a hair conditioner. Once the hair gets fully dry make small sections all over the head as you must begin your hair straightening process only with one inch hair. Start spreading the mineral oil into each section of your hair as per your wish and try to gently massage all over. Now use the flatiron over the hair section by moving it slowly the hair till it becomes fully straight. Use the same method on the other hair parts that was divided and make sure to use the mineral oil over the hair before suing the flat iron over the hair sections. Next your can divide your hair into large section and use this technique for making the hair straight. At last wash the hair once again and you can see that your hair will look straight.

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