Methods To Strip Color Out Of Hair

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Hair color can be stripped without using any special styling products. Most of the people want to strip hair color from their hair using chemical products, but they can be harmful the hair. There are ways to do the same process at home without any styling products. Try to purchase normal products such as anti-residue shampoo, plastic cling hair wrap and olive oil. Use he following method for treating the hair at home.
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To start, first apply a generous amount of anti-residue hair shampoo and cover it using plastic cling hair wrap. Let the hair covered with the wrap for about 8-10 hours and if possible you can also leave it overnight for best result. The shampoo applied over the hair will enter into the scalp which is capable of removing the color out of the follicles. In the morning try to rinse the hair using warm water and apply a small amount of olive oil after it becomes heat. Don’t use the olive oil when it hot and make sure it gets spread entirely all over the hair. Leave the oil on your hair for about 2-3 hours and rinse it again with warm water. Use the same technique again in case the hair color remains in your hair when it is done for the first time. Try to continue the process until the hair color changes to its normal look.

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