Styling Hair With Wen Products

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Wen products include different types of styling items such as styling creme, intensive repair mask and cleansing conditioner. The wen products are available with natural ingredients that features mostly herbs and it can be used for make your hair moisturized as well as strong. To get the best results out of the wen products, you must make sure to follow the right method for using it over the hair and don’t over use any of the products.
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To use the wen product on your hair, first rinse it and apply the cleansing conditioner over your hair from the scalp and move gently at the hair ends. Mist the hair with water which can help in spreading the product easily throughout your hair. Try to massage the hair after applying the cleansing conditioner which can make it to enter into your hair shaft very easily. Next use a wide-tooth brush to comb your hair to make it spread all over the hair strands and leave your hair as it is for about 5 minutes before getting it rinsed as usual. Now apply a small amount of cleansing conditioner again over your hair and spread it all over from top to bottom. Now you can style your hair by using styling creme by applying it gently throughout the hair. You can dry the hair with a blow dryer or leave it to dry on its own.

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Styling Your Spiky Fringe

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Spiky fringe is a hairstyle that is liked by most of the women who want to make their look beautiful. This is one of the most unique way of styling the hair with any length. You can achieve this look by visiting a hairstylist or cutting the hair by sitting at home using few simple staying tools.
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First brush the bangs in front of the head and take the remaining hair at the back of the head. Now take one inch hair section from the bangs in between pointer and your middle finger. Make sure to pull your hair slightly down to keep it flat and cut the hair gently. Try to cut the bangs long than it should actually look as you are pulling it using your hands. Use the same method on the remaining parts of your bangs and cut them gently with the scissors. Next pull out the one inch bangs section with your fingers again towards upward from the head and start cutting them downwards than in a straight line that was done previously. You can cut the bangs deep if required to achieve the spiky look and comb the bangs as usual away from your forehead. At last use a blow dryer over the bangs that have been cut and touch up hair using your scissors only if you see unwanted hair sticking out of the hairstyle.

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Styling Hair With Silky Dreads

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Silky dreads can be a perfect way of styling the dreadlocks if the hair looks weak and even short. This hairstyle can be styled as per your desire and the consumed is also very less when compared to other hairstyle. Try to create the braid in your silky dreads in such as way that it sticks in place over your head. While dividing your hair, make sure to it is wide as well as thick just like the extensions.
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First divide your hair into sections and try to keep hair extension against the divide hair near your root. Let the long part of your extension stay loose over the head. Now you must braid this section of your hair along with the extension with three-strand braid method and after reaching the end make sure they look fully tight. Brush the hair in your braid with the backcomb technique and do this till your entire hair stays in place without using any styling product. In case you find any lose part in your extension try to wrap it around your braid from top and move towards the end of the extension. You must also try to backcomb hair ends that were wrapped into your braid and use spirit gum to make it stay in place easily. Continue this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way to complete the styling process.

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Styling A Wig With Hot Roller

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Styling a wig can be a very difficult process as you cannot use some of the styling tools over it as it can get easily damaged. Most of the people would like to curl the wig that is possible only by using a hot roller. By following these steps you will be able to use the hot roller over the wig.
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First brush your wig gently using a vent comb from end of your hair and move towards the root. Then place the wig over the wig stand and take the hot rollers with medium heat. Divide your wig into various parts and secure each of them using clips separately. Mist each of the parts with a spray and start rolling them in the hot roller. Make sure to wrap each of the hair part around the hot roller fully and move straight up towards your hair root before keeping it secured in place using the hair clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining hair parts very gently and leave them on till the wig becomes fully cold. Now take the hot roller out of the wig carefully and adjust the curls gently using your vent comb. End the curling process after misting the entire wig with a normal hairspray. Avoid using the curling over the wig as it can damage it completely and if you are using a synthetic hair wig, try to use only low heat.

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Styling Your Hair With Baby Powder

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Baby powder can be a best styling product for your hair and it is also used by many hairstylists. This powder is known to be the actual dry shampoo that can take the oil out of your hair easily. The baby powder can be the best styling product if you have a blonde hair and other type of light colored hair. People with dark looking hair must spend additional time for styling their hair, so they can avoid using this powder during the styling process. Here is the method to use the baby powder on your hair for styling it in a perfect way.
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In this styling process you must keep your hands clean and take the baby powder for shaking it well. Then take the baby powder in your hands and start massaging it over your hair from the roots till the end of your hair. Try to apply the powder mainly near your crown area and at the back of your ears. Start combing the hair from its roots to the hair ends using the natural-bristle comb. Make sure apply the powder evenly all over your hair. Combing your hair can help the powder to get absorbed easily into your hair creating more volume. Now the hair will become free from the natural oil produced by the hair. Try to style the hair as per your wish after this process.

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Styling Short Hair Using Head Wraps

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Head wraps are the perfect solution to cover your hair which is short. There are few ways that must be followed while wearing the head wraps with short hair. Most of the people will struggle to wear the head wraps in a proper way as it can come out easily in case you fail to wear it in the right way. Always wear these head wraps only when you feel comfortable with them and stay away with them if you feel it like a burden over your head.
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The head wraps can look good if you wear it with that hair that is short at the sides and long on top of the head. But you can also wear them with other type of hair by following a proper method. Make sure to leave the bangs from your hair to stick out of the head wrap in from of your head after the styling process. The shorter haircuts can give a great look, but covering it with the head wrap is left to individual’s choice. After wearing the head wrap you can get a very unique look that can be made to look styling with a proper dress. Try to match the hairstyle with other accessories such as earrings and more. The head wraps can also be worn with short to long hair, but wearing it with proper ways can give a outstanding look.

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Styling Hair Using Pre-Bonded Extension

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Applying pre-bonded extension along with your natural can help to make it look long and voluminous. There are various hair extensions that can be purchased and it can be used to style the hair as usual, but they can damage the hair. So people prefer pre-bonded extension that is known to prevent the hair from getting damaged. To start the styling, take the natural hair and keep it separated on top of the head.
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Then pull out a thin hair strand near the nape of hairline and comb it gently. Try to pull out small hair from the hair extension from the holes and wrap a pre-bonded extension to your natural hair strands that comes out of your template. Use the fusion connector iron and clamp it over your wrapped hair and make sure to leave it for about 4-5 seconds before taking it out of your hair. Use the same method on the remaining hair parts and take template from the bonded part in your pre-bonded extension for brushing it gently only after it becomes completely dry. Pull out another thin strand from your hair from behind the head and use same technique over this section as well. Try to use your template by simply attaching it with the pre-bonded extension. At last make sure to comb your hair to make it free from knots and style it as you wish.

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Styling Black Hair With Color Rinse

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Color rinse is used to change the look of your hair on temporary basis. The color rinse will not enter into hair shaft thus making it a temporary hair coloring product. It is mainly used on hair color such as red, blue and purple, but those who have black hair will not get its full effect. There is a way to use the color rinse on your black hair to make it lighter.
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To begin first rinse the hair using warm water and wear hand gloves. Take the color rinse and mix it as per the instructions. Cover the shoulder with a normal cloth to prevent the rinse from falling on your skin. Then brush the hair to make it smooth and separate the hair into sections. Apply the rinsing product all over the hair section from top to end including the hair roots. Make sure that the hair sections have been completely saturated with the product and leave it on as per the time mentioned in the instruction. Use the same technique on the other hair parts all over the hair and make sure they have been properly covered with the product. At last wash the hair and apply the shampoo as well as the hair conditioner that is provided along with the color rinsing product. The hair color can stay longer if you wash it with a color-enhancing hair shampoo.

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Styling Your Hair With Big Jheri Curls

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Creating big jheri curls features a unique way that can be done at home. This style was very much popular in the 1970s among Afro-Americans and it also includes most of celebrities. It does not require a lot of maintenance and you just need to keep the curls moisturized. The hairstyle just needs a touch up once in two months and there is a curl kit available in the market to do this.
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Try to part the hair with a rat-tail comb and apply a little amount of softening creme all over. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water and wash it completely with a neutralizing shampoo. Roll the hair with perm rods starting from the nape of your neck and cover each hair rod using a rod paper. Add a permanent wave solution all over the hair which has been rodded and make sure to spray to keep the hair drenched. Cover the rodded hair using a plastic shower cap and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with a permanent wave solution with a lukewarm water and use a neutralizing solution all over the rodded hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Use a lukewarm water to rinse the hair and then blot the water from rodded hair. Spread a little amount of big jheri curl activator in your hands to rub it all over the hair and style the hair with a wide tooth rake comb.

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Styling Hair With Angel Braid

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Angel braid is a type of hairstyle that needs particular styling method and tools to achieve it perfectly. Try to get some help from hair specialist if you want to create this hairstyle for the first time. Then you can try the same method at home to get it done without any support. The following method can look simple to most of the people who want to achieve this look at home, but you must get some practice before trying this at home without any help.
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To begin the angel braid hairstyling, first you must section the hair from one ear to another. Try to create the French braid from one of the hair section and move towards your one ear. You must use the three strand hair braid method to get this hairstyle done and try to add more sections in your braid while moving onto each side of your head by moving towards the hair ends. Use bobby pins to keep the braid secured at the end of your hair and let the hair fall down only after securing it with hair pin. Try to mist the hairstyle with a spray to end the styling process and add hair accessories that can make this hairstyle look beautiful. Try to start your hairstyling process with an unwashed hair as it can add more grip to your hair while creating the braid.

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