Styling Your Hair Using Babyliss Rollers

heated rollers heated rollers2
Heated rollers are normally used on the hair to create beautiful curls and it can be the best hairstyle for a night event. There are various types of heated rollers available in the store, but selecting the right product is very important. BaByliss rollers can be your best product for creating the curls as it can maintain the curly shape for a long with its heat.
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To use BaByliss rollers, comb the hair and divide a small sections of hair all over the head. Then brush the each hair section out of your head with the help of your fingers only. Now plug in the heated rollers to make it hot with maximum level if you have a thick hair and for thin hair maintain a low heat. The heating time for the rollers will be about 3-4 minutes for maximum level. Start using the heated rollers on the hair section at the base and roll it around the hair till you reach the scalp. Use hair clips for keeping the rollers in place and do the same on the remaining hair parts all over your head. Now leave the rollers to become cool on their own and once the entire hair gets free from heat mist it with a spray. Then take the rollers out of the hair and use the same hairspray to mist the hair once again to end the styling.

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Styling Straight Hair Using Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel aloe vera gel2
Aloe Vera hair gel is the natural hairstyling product for using it on the straight hair. There are also other products for using it on the straightened hair, but they can be much costly. Aloe Vera has been used by most of the people for treating their skin from a long time, but it can also be helpful while treating the straight hair.
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aloe vera gel5 aloe vera gel6
First option is using aloe Vera hair gel and apply it gently over the scalp on daily basis before going to bed. You can also take 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel and mix it with the shampoo for washing the hair. Then add 1 tbsp aloe Vera hair gel into the conditioner for applying it over your hair to maintain the moisture in it. Another option is take little amount of aloe Vera hair gel in your hands and spread it over the entire hair from top to end to make it look shiny. Aloe Vera hair gel can also be applied over the hair ends that look dry as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged. You can also make deep conditioner with the help of aloe Vera hair gel by mixing it with olive oil. Try to apply this mixture over the hair completely and brush it using a wide tooth hair brush. Wash the hair after half an hour to achieve the best result.

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Styling Your Hair Using Pliable Wax

pliable hair wax pliable hair wax2
Pliable hair wax is one of the best product for styling a curly hair. The hair will start to look good after applying this wax and the styling process will also be very easy. Just follow this technique while styling the hair with the pliable hair wax. You can simply use the fingers for applying the wax over the hair and try to purchase the right pliable wax for styling the hair.
pliable hair wax3 pliable hair wax4

pliable hair wax5 pliable hair wax6
First style the curly hair as usual and after sometime make the hair loose. Then take the pliable hair wax in your hands and spread it evenly all over the hair from top to end. Just use only small amount of wax and using too much will make the hair look oily. Try to twirl the hair with your fingers while applying the wax over the hair strands which will be helpful in defining the curls in your hair. While twirling the hair just use your fingers and you must simply twirl it slightly before leaving it to fall naturally. Use the same process on the remaining part of your hair and make sure to do it very gently. There is no need to use the hair wax while twirling each hair parts as it will be distributed evenly throughout the hair once it has been applied. Once the curls get set, they will look lot bouncier than before applying the wax.

pliable hair wax7 pliable hair wax8

Styling Hair With Feathered Layers

feathered layers feathered layers2
Feathered layers can be achieved in your hair by cutting the hair at home than going to a hairstylist. You must maintain the in medium length to make the layers look good with your hairstyle. You can also create the layers with other types of hair that are short or medium. Try creating the layers in your hair using a sharp scissor.
feathered layers3 feathered layers4

feathered layers5 feathered layers6
First create sections in the hair all over the head and use flat iron on each of them by just flipping the hair ends. This will help to enhance your look with the feathered layers. Make sure that your hair layers begin from cheek bone moving towards ends of your hair. You can create layers very few all over the head to give more attention to the hairstyle and if you want to create attractive layers try to create them in more numbers throughout the hair. In case you are not goo in handling the cutting process, get help from a hairstylist by going to a saloon. You can also make few simple adjustments to the hairstyle after achieving it in a perfect manner. The hairstylist will use razor haircutting technique for creating this hairstyle. Wash the hair completely and make sure it has been cut properly throughout the head. Don’t use any hairspray to mist the hair after the styling process as it can make the layers to fall flat over the head.

feathered layers7 feathered layers8

Styling Curly Hair With Finishing Product

finishing hair product finishing hair product2
Finishing hair products are mostly used after creating a particular hairstyle. But you can also create the curly look in your hair with the help of these products without using other hair damaging tools. It is one of the best hair product that can add strength to the hair along with shine.
finishing hair product3 finishing hair product4

finishing hair product5 finishing hair product6
First try to curl the hair using a normal curling iron if your hair doesn’t have the curly texture naturally. Try using the curling iron with medium heat and don’t keep the hair in this tool for a long time as it can cause serious damage to it. Then apply a wax all over the hair to add more hold into the hair and scrunch the entire hair. Now mist the hair with a spray and make sure that it has been applied in a proper way. Don’t use too much hairspray on the hair as it can make it look more weighed. You must mist the hair from underneath and try to scrunch the hair after that. By lifting the hair from bottom the hair will get more support while misting it with the hairspray and it can make the hairstyle stay in its original shape for a long time. The finishing hair products are normally applied on the hair after the styling process, but you can also use them in a perfect manner so the hair stays in proper condition.

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Styling Your Hair Using Shoelaces

shoelaces hair shoelaces hair2
Using shoelaces for styling the hair is the simplest method that can be done without any help by sitting at home. There are different ways that can be followed for using the shoelace for styling the hair. The shoelaces are mostly used while creating the braid to make it look more beautiful. If possible you can also include the shoelace along with other hairstyles to create a unique look.
shoelaces hair3 shoelaces hair4

shoelaces hair5 shoelaces hair6
First make two parts in your hair that will be used for the braid. Next take the shoelace that must be cut into half. Then pull out top part of your hair along with the shoelace to begin the braiding process. You can braid the hair as per your wish and the shoelace can look good with the French braid. After creating the braid, take the hair section along with shoelace for folding it just over and take top part of your hair for adding it along with left strand to fold it on top of the hair section. The shoelace must be placed on top of the hair parts which will be used to create the braid. Continue the braiding process till the end of your hair using the shoelace and do the same on the other side of the head. Make sure to secure the shoelace perfectly along with braid and try to cut the braid ends or tie it like a headband.

shoelaces hair7 shoelaces hair8

Styling Too Short Hair With Diffuser

diffuser short hair diffuser short hair2
A diffuser is a hairstyling tool that can be used along with a blow dryer to create beautiful look hairstyles. But while styling the short hair with the diffuser there is a proper techniques that must used to achieve the perfect result. This method can be applied on medium to short hair and different hair types.
diffuser short hair3 diffuser short hair4

diffuser short hair5 diffuser short hair6
First dampen your hair with water and make sure to use hair moisturizer. Then apply a hair product that can add volume into your hair and it can also help to prevent damaged caused by the diffuser. Then create small twists in the hair before using the diffuser. Make the head to face straight up and start to use the diffuser from the section that is behind your head. Apply only medium to low heat from the diffuser on your hair so it can maintain the structure in the hair. Use your fingers along with the diffuser during the styling process and keep the diffuser slightly away from the scalp as it can spoil your entire look. Use the same technique throughout your hair to end the styling process. If you want to add little volume into the hair, try to bend the head down and scrunch the hair before moving into the original position. Once your complete the diffusing process, use your fingers to comb the hair slight by raking it slightly which will give a completely natural look.

diffuser short hair7 diffuser short hair8

Styling Your Hair With Steam Curlers

steam hair curlers steam hair curlers2
Steam curlers are one of the best tools to create beautiful looking hairstyle without visiting a hairstylist. It can add moisture into your hair to change the look of your hair. This tool is also very easy to use when compared to other heat styling tools such as curling irons and more. There is no need to mist the hair before using the steam curlers during the hairstyling process. In case your hair has problems in holding the curls properly, try to mist it with a spray.
steam hair curlers3 steam hair curlers4

steam hair curlers5 steam hair curlers6
Start the hairstyle with a clean and dry hair and avoid using any type of hairstyling product. Then make a center part over the head using a comb and try to wrap your hair ends in the steam curler. Use the curler clip that is provided along with the steam curler to secure the wrapped hair in place. Use the same method on the other part of the hair that was divided and leave the curlers for about fifteen minutes. Now you can start unwrapping the hair from the curler and try to unroll your hair very gently using your hands. You can take the clip out of the hair section at the end of your hair and do the same all over the head. Once you have completely taken the curlers out of the hair, try to brush them using a soft comb to get a natural look.

steam hair curlers7 steam hair curlers8

Styling Hair With Flat Iron And Gel

flat iron hair flat iron hair2
Using a flat iron on your hair along with hair gel can give a completely beautiful and straight hairstyle. This method is known to be very simple to make the hair straight for those have curly or wavy hair. It can maintain the hair straight till it gets washed next time.
flat iron hair3 flat iron hair4

flat iron hair5 flat iron hair6
To begin your styling first take a small amount of the gel in your hands and spread it completely between both the hands. Then take a one inch hair section and spread this hair gel through the section using your hands. Next use the blow dryer for making the hair dry and use your hands during this process for combing the hair. Let the hair gel get dry fully by leaving it for about one minute and take the flat iron for using it on the hair section. You can just place the flat iron on the hair section from top of the head and gently move towards the end to make the hair straight. Use the same method on the remaining hair section for making them straight just like the first section. You can use thermal protection gel on the hair to prevent the hair from getting damaged from the heat produced by the iron. Flat iron is not to cause serious damage to the hair if you are using it on regular basis, so try to keep them away whenever possible while styling your hair.

flat iron hair7 flat iron hair8

Styling Hair With A Lightening Spray

lightening sprays lightening sprays2
Lightening sprays is the best product for using it over the hair to make it look light. The hairspray can be used on any type of hair to add natural looking color. Most of the people try this technique for lightening their hair color without going to a hairstylist. This is the best way to change your hairstyle on regular basis by simply misting the hair with the hairspray.
lightening sprays3 lightening sprays4

lightening sprays5 lightening sprays6
First do a strand test by using the lightening spray on a small part of your hair to check for any reactions. Try to purchase the best hair lightening spray to prevent it from fading in a short period of time. Next take water in a bottle and mist it over the hair to make it slight damp. Then select the hair section that needs to be lightened and keep them secured separately. Now start using the lightening spray over the divided section of hair evenly. Let the spray to dry on its own as it has been heat activated. You can dry the hair by going out in the sun during summer or use a blow dryer during the winter season. Those who have brunette hair will achieve red tones after it has been sprayed with lightening spray. Those who have blonde hair must use the lightening spray to achieve blonder highlights. You can apply the lightening spray several times during the day till you are able to get the proper result.

lightening sprays7 lightening sprays8