Styling A Hair With Clairol Kaleidocolors

clairol hair clairol hair2
Clairol Kaleidocolors can be the perfect choice to make the hair color light and it can also be used to achieve the desired color in your hair. Most of the time while coloring the hair you may get a brassy look which can be prevented with the help of Kaleidocolors. Avoid using the comb that has metal brushes for brushing your hair or mixing the color. Make sure to protect the skin around the head by applying a hair gel.
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Get the toner that matches your hair color and purchase the Kaleidocolor which is completely opposite to the natural hair color. Comb the hair and add a little hair gel to keep the color from falling over the skin. Start mixing the Kaleidocolor along with the developer by reading the instructions on the kit. Once it has been properly mixed, apply it over one strand of your hair before using it all over the head. You can color the entire hair with this mixture or even create highlights. Use strongest developer for coloring the hair darker while highlighting your hair and use light developer to match the natural hair color. Then cover the hair with foil wrap and leave it on as per the time mentioned on the kit. The time mentioned will be around 20-30 minutes to get the desired color. You can rinse the hair for taking the color out of your hair and apply hair shampoo as well as hair conditioner as per your desire.

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Styling Hair With Silky Volume

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Creating a hairstyle with silky volume can help you to achieve a very different kind of look. You can achieve this look without spending too much money as it can be done with the help of a standard flat iron. Before using the flat iron on your hair try to apply a hair volume mousse all over the head which can prevent the hair from getting damaged due to the heat produced by the flat iron.
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Begin your hairstyling by applying a little amount of hair volume mousse all over the hair strands from top to end. Then lift your hair slight up and try to comb it normally with a standard hair brush.  Make sure that there are no knots available in the hair strands as it can spoil the entire look while using the flat iron. After your hair becomes completely smooth use the flat iron on one section of the hair first. While using the flat iron take the horizontal hair section from the right side of the head first. Make sure to use the flat iron with fluid consistency as you move it towards that hair shaft and move towards the end of the hair. Use the same technique till the hair looks big with more volume. Then move on to the other side of the head to use the same method and avoid using the flatiron for a long time on the hair strands as they can easily damage the hair.

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Styling Your Hair With Sharp Bangs

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Sharp hair bangs can give a completely new look for those who are wearing it for the first time. Anyone can create sharp bangs along with any type of hairstyle. You can get this hairstyle at home without using any special tools or techniques. Be very careful while cutting the bangs in front of the face while doing it for the first time to prevent any accidental cuts.
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Brush the hair section that will be used to create the bangs to make it free from knots and secure the remaining hair at the back of the head. Take a small hair section from the bangs and keep it between pointer as well as middle finger to cut it in the straight line. Try to trim the bangs little longer than you actually want it to be and use the same method till it falls straight across the head. Take one inch section from the bangs and start cutting it towards downward. This time you can cut the hair a little bit deeper with different lengths to make it look slightly choppy. Use this cutting method on the other parts of your bangs. Now brush your bangs over the forehead and cut it as per your desire and make sure that the length of your bangs differs from each other to make it look sharp at the end. At last look at the entire bangs section to give it a little touch up.

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Styling Hair Using Wave Pomade

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Wave pomade is a styling product that can be used to create short waves and keep them in place. You can use this product with the help of your hands and it can be also used over the scalp. This product will look similar to a wax which can maintain the moisture in your hair. The pomade will be able to lock the hair waves in place and you will not be able to create the waves with your hair by just applying it.
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To style the hair with wave pomade, add a little amount of wave pomade in your palm and rub it between both the hands. Start spreading the wave pomade all over the hair strands as well as scalp in an evenly manner. Then comb the entire hair with the wave pomade as per your desire. To create the 360-degree hair waves you must comb the hair on top of the head and then comb it in the downward motion all around the head. To create more defined hair waves over your head try to comb the entire hair when you are taking a shower. Wear a do-rag while going to bed in the night and make the product to set overnight. The wave pomade can be the perfect choice to create the wavy hairstyle in your hair without any greasy looking hair. It can be used on any type of hair depending upon the hairstyle you are creating.

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Styling Your Hair With Toupee

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A toupee is a perfect way to enhance your hairstyle if you have cut the hair too short. It is not easy to wear the toupee over your head without a proper technique and it must look good as well as natural on the head. You must also maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it suitable to wear on various occasions and try to remove it in a gentle manner so you can wear it again.
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First dampen the head with water or you can also wash the entire hair as normally your would do. Start placing the toupee tape just below the toupee as close as possible and try to take the backing off strips to attach the tape to the scalp. Mist the entire scalp with a hairspray which can help top keep your toupee from coming out of its place. Now you keep the toupee over your head very gently and adjust it as per your desire with some pressure over the area where you have use adhesive tape. Next mist the toupee using water and then apply a little amount of hair conditioner. In case your want to take the toupee out of the head do it very slowly from back of the head and moving towards the front. You can just use your fingers to remove the toupee out of its place. Try to use adhesive remover only if it is needed to remove your toupee.

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Styling Your Hair With Headband Wig

headband wig headband wig2
Headband wigs are the best way to achieve a new look without touching the original hair. Even though the headband wigs are known to be a little costly, it can get the look you want to achieve with a wig. If you think that the headband wig is too costly for you to purchase, then try to make your own wig at home.
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First take a balloon with air filled and use a headband to stretch it around your balloon. Then take a small part of acrylic wig and make sure that it matches with the size of your hair. Use a glue stick just over the headband in a simple thin line and keep the cut wig over hot glue. You can use the same method to add the wig hair over the headband and after completing this on one side of the head move on to the other part of the head. Finally cut the hair as per your desire to make it look. Now it is time to prepare your hair to keep the headband wig over your head. Having a short hair can be the best option to using the headband wig and in case you have a medium to long hair try to secure the entire hair using a bobby pin. Then keep the headband wig over your hair and make sure it is placed in a proper way so it doesn’t come out of the head.

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Styling Hair With Rag Curls

rag curls rag curls2

This is a very beautiful hairstyle with rag curls which can be much softer than the pin curls. To create this style you need to have few rag strips and it can be a very interesting hairstyle for women who are looking to have a different and interesting look. This is considered to be a simplest way of styling the hair that is medium to long. Most of the people will also try to create head full of lovely curls to get a different look.
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rag curls5 rag curls6
Begin the styling process by cutting cut a piece of cloth into strips that must be six inches long and one inch wide. First create test curls taking a part of the hair cutting and then condition the hair to start the actual styling process. Next spread a little amount of hair gel and run a dab all over the hair. Section the hair as usual and part the hair which depends on the curls that you wish to create. Curl the hair around a rag and around the strip of cloth for making tiny curls which is mostly liked young children. Once the hair becomes fully curled tie the strips end together and then remove the rags slowly after the hair becomes dry. To create the ringlets, make sure to pull the rag down and then remove the curlers out.  Finally leave your fingers through the hair and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.

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