Hairstyle With Top Curls

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Top curls are the best hairstyle to get a different look and it is mostly liked by the teenagers. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle whether you have a naturally curly or normal hair. You must handle the hair carefully while lifting the hair on top of your head to get this hairstyle. After creating the hairstyle, try ti mist it with a hairspray which can keep the hairstyle looking shiny for a long time.
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First take the hair on top the head to create an updo. To do this take the hair from front of the head at the back of your head and twist it gently. Try to pull the hair as top as possible over the head and secure it using bobby pins. Then use your fingers to style the curls over the head and use the curling iron over the hair strands to make them curly. Another option is by creating a ponytail at the back of your head and cur it with the curling iron after dividing the hair into one inch part. Make sure that all of your hair has been curled and mist it with a spray. You can also use hot rollers to style the hair in this way only after taking the entire hair on top of the head. Try to add hair accessories that can add more style into your hair.

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