Styling Your Hair With Toupee

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A toupee is a perfect way to enhance your hairstyle if you have cut the hair too short. It is not easy to wear the toupee over your head without a proper technique and it must look good as well as natural on the head. You must also maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it suitable to wear on various occasions and try to remove it in a gentle manner so you can wear it again.
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First dampen the head with water or you can also wash the entire hair as normally your would do. Start placing the toupee tape just below the toupee as close as possible and try to take the backing off strips to attach the tape to the scalp. Mist the entire scalp with a hairspray which can help top keep your toupee from coming out of its place. Now you keep the toupee over your head very gently and adjust it as per your desire with some pressure over the area where you have use adhesive tape. Next mist the toupee using water and then apply a little amount of hair conditioner. In case your want to take the toupee out of the head do it very slowly from back of the head and moving towards the front. You can just use your fingers to remove the toupee out of its place. Try to use adhesive remover only if it is needed to remove your toupee.

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