Treating Hair Damaged By Sun

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Hair damage caused by the sun can is known to be very difficult to treat, but there are ways that can solve this problem as well. Most of the people thing that treating the sun damaged hair is not possible and they must live with it throughout their life. Just treat your sun damaged hair by following this simple method.
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The sun is known to cause little damage even if you are exposed to it for a short period of time. It can cause holes in some parts of the hair on the outside layer. It is important to treat this part of the hair or cuticles which is called as for making the hair to stay strong. There are special products that can be applied on the hair strands to prevent sun damage. Wash the hair using moisturizing shampoo before applying the conditioning product on daily basis which can make the hair healthy from inside. Also undertake protein treatments on weekly basis to add strength to the hair and prevent further damage from the sun. You must also use the perfect hairstyling tools such as hair dryer, hair combs, flat irons and more while styling the hair. While going out in the sun try to cover the head with a scarf or wear a hat so the hair doesn’t get exposed. There are also hair gels that can prevent the hair from getting damaged from the sun, but it is only useful for some time.

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Treating Synthetic Weave That Is Matted

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Matted synthetic hair weave can easily get tangled if you fail to treat it properly. You must put extra care while taking the tangles out of the weave to prevent it from getting damaged. Just use the following method for making the synthetic hair free from its tangles.
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First go through your hair to find out the tangles in the weave and keep the remaining hair separated with a hair clip. Take small part of hair that has been matted without putting any pressure to prevent hair from pulled out of the root. Hold the hair section in your one hand and use the other to remove the tangles gently by brushing it with your fingers from the end to the roots of the hair. Never try to detangle the matted hair from its root as you may pull out the hair too hard causing hair breakage. Once you have completely brushed the hair section with your fingers try to mist the fingers for brushing it again very gently. Now you must use the same hairspray for misting it over the hair section that was detangled. Use wide-toothed brush for combing the entire hair part from bottom to its roots. Continue the same process on the remaining hair section that has been matted. Wash the hair with cold water and use a normal shampoo during this process. Avoid using heat styling tools on the synthetic hair weave as it can burn them.

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Treating Hair With Saw Palmetto

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Saw palmetto has been used for various purposes and it is mostly found in Atlantic coast of southern USA. It is also known to be a perfect choice for treating hair loss in case you try to use it in a proper way.  Those who have medical problems must stay away from using saw palmetto as it can cause problem to estrogen as well as testosterone. Always go to a doctor before using any type of palm plant for treating hair loss.
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First look at the hair loss spot over the head as the saw palmetto can be used only on a particular type of hair loss such as the androgenic alopecia. In this the hair loss will be found in places such as temples, top of your head and it can affect men as well as women. Try to using saw palmetto only for changing testosterone to the dihydrotestosterone which is known to be a natural process that can be effective to androgenic alopecia. Make sure to consult a hair specialist or a doctor before using saw palmetto for treating hair loss. Try to read the instructions on the bottle of saw palmetto that you are planning to use as there are different brands available. Always consult a doctor about using the saw palmetto in a proper dosage to prevent any kind of side effects. There are few side effects that are caused by saw palmetto which includes stomach pain, bad breath, nausea and more.

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Treating Hair With Oregano Oil

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Oregano oil has been used for treating different types of illness and it can be applied topically or consumed as capsules. This oil is also useful in maintaining hair in a perfect shape and it can also promote hair growth.
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Always use oregano oil that features more than 75 percent of carvacrol which is one of the antibiotic ingredients. This oil is also known the make the scalp free from fungal infections and dandruff that cause hair fall. There are different brands that are available in the oregano oil and in different forms. You can also consume this oil by pouring few drops on your tongue directly and drink water. Make sure not to consume too much of the oregano oil as it can burn your tongue and follow the instructions on the bottle. The oregano oil is also available in the form of capsules that can be used after consulting a doctor to prevent any side effects. If you are using the oregano oil directly over the hair, try to do an allergy test by applying it over the small area on your skin. If you don’t have any issue with the oil, try to spread it over the scalp directly with the help of your fingers. You can also add few drops of oregano oil in the shampoo that is used for washing the hair and this can get rid of the dandruff that causes hair loss, but rinse the hair perfectly.

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Treating Biracial Hair With Coconut Oil

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Biracial hair is considered to be hard while creating different hairstyles and it is also very difficult to maintain in a proper way. You can use coconut oil for treating such hair type and it is important to follow a particular technique during this process. You can style the biracial hair in any method after using the coconut oil in a proper way. But creating a ponytail can give a perfect look.
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Begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair and take generous amount of coconut oil during this process. Start using the coconut oil over the entire hair from top to bottom. Use your fingers gently to work the the coconut oil into your hair and it can be used on the scalp as well. Now comb the hair using a normal hair brush from root to end. The hair will start to look loose and moisturized after this process. You hair will also look shiny which is completely opposite the hair looked before using the coconut oil. This oil can be used on any type of hair depending upon their requirements and it is very important item for the biracial hair for keeping it in a good shape. After using the coconut oil and brushing your hair, try to take the entire hair at the back of your hair by simply backcombing it. Then create a ponytail in any place behind your head and secure it using a hair band.

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Treating Your Hair With Socolor

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Socolor can be used to color the hair permanently and it is able to provide the hair tone as per your desire. This product has been specially developed to determine the natural color of your hair and it is also available in different ranges. You can use the swatch to select the perfect color that can match your hair color. Before starting the process make sure to purchase items such as socolor swatches, socolor hair color, cream developer, hair brush and a bowl.
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First select the best and suitable hair color and take two inch hair section. Then select the right socolor swatch for matching the hair color with it. Next wear hand gloves and take 1 1/2 oz socolor that was selected in a bowl. Add 1 1/2 oz cream developer in the bowl and mix them together. The hair can be colored to look lighter with the help of 10 volume developer and you can use about 1 1/2 oz 20 volume developer to highlight the hair darker. Make sure to spread the mixture in the bowl all over your hair and brush them in a proper manner so it gets covered to your entire hair. Make the mixture to stay on the hair for about half an hour and rinse the entire hair as usual. You can check the entire hair strands to see whether they have been properly covered or you can use the same technique to color them again.

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Treating Hair Using Avocado Oil

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Avocado oil is the best and natural way of treating your hair to make it grow longer. It can also help to maintain the hair healthy as well as strong. You can treat the hair at home with this product without going to a saloon. Before starting the styling you must few products ready such as avocado, olive oil, shampoo and a bowl.
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First take half avocado and try to scoop its inside out. This will be suitable for medium to short hair and if you have a long hair use a full avocado. Take avocado in the bowl and mix one tbsp olive oil for short and medium hair. Try to mash the entire content in the bowl using a fork till it gets completely mixed together. Keep the bowl with the ingredients in the Microwave for about 3o seconds. Then make hair slightly damp and start applying the ingredients all over the hair. After covering the entire hair strands, leave it for about half an hour. Now you can wash the hair using cold water and make sure not to use any type of hair conditioner while washing the hair using a shampoo. Follow the same procedure at least one time during the week to maintain the hair strong and moisturized. This method can be effective if you use it for a long time in a proper way and it is also very safe than going for other hair treatment.

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Treating Hair With Mango Moisturizer

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Mango moisturizer that is prepared at home for using it on the hair can be a perfect choice if you have a dull or frizzy hair. The mango features vitamins such as C and E that can help to improve the hair growth. You can use a normal mango and banana to prepare the hair moisturizer at home by using this method before applying it over the hair.
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First take fresh mango and a banana as they both must be mixed to prepare the moisturizer. Slice them in a bowl and mix plain yogurt in it. Try to mix all these items perfectly till it becomes paste like substance. Then dampen your hair slightly and apply the mixture all over your scalp as well as the hair from top to bottom. Cover the hair with the shower cap before leaving it on for at least half an hour. After taking the shower cap out of your hair, try to wash them using a shampoo. Make the hair to dry on its own and then style it as per your wish. If you are planning make the moisturizer more effective, try to add two drops of lavender oil in the mixture. This moisturizer must not be used on the hair that is too thin as it is a best choice only if you have a thick hair. Don’t use other chemical products while using this moisturizer on your hair as it will not be effective.

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Treating Hair After Taking Your Weave Out

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Hair weaves are the best choice for those who want to make their hair look long. There are different techniques that are used to attach the weave along with the natural hair. If you have used the weave and planning to remove it, the hair may look slightly damaged. You must treat the hair in a proper way after taking the weave out to make it grow much stronger.
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First get a haircut where the hair at the end must be trimmed. Then use hair products that are made to treat the damaged hair which includes shampoos, hair conditioners and more. Brush your hair when it is still damp using a standard wide tooth hair brush and apply leave-in hair conditioner all over your head which can prevent further damage to the hair. Get a deep hair conditioning treatment at least once in a week which can restore the moisture in the hair. Try to leave the deep conditioner for about twenty minutes in the hair and then rinse it normally. Stay away from heat styling tools which includes hair dryers, curling irons and others. Using all such tools on the hair can make the treating process much longer. Avoid using any kind of chemicals on the hair after taking the weave out as the hair needs some time to recover completely. Eat food products that contain lot of proteins on daily basis which can help to make the hair thick naturally.

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Treating A Fading Hair Color

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If you are coloring the hair by going to a saloon or you are doing it at home, the hair color will start to become dull as the day passes. There are few ways which can maintain the look of your hair color as new as possible without giving it a faded look.
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You must try to apply the hair color a day after washing your hair with a shampoo to maintain the color in its original form. After coloring the hair make it stay on your hair for at least 2 days before getting your hair washed. Washing your hair with a shampoo can make the colored hair look dull and you must also increase the number of days between your hair wash with the shampoo. Purchase a shampoo along with the hair conditioner that is specially made to be used on the colored hair. Stay away from clarifying shampoo as they can take the color out of your hair very easily. You can get color depositing hair shampoos to improve the color that is applied over the hair. Always rinse your entire hair with cold water which can maintain the color on your hair as it is without getting faded. Cover the colored hair with a scarf while stepping out of the house in the sun. There is also special hair products that are available in the market which can be used over the colored hair to keep it protected.

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