Changing Gray Hair Into Blonde Using Turmeric

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Coloring hair is an easy process that is undergone by most of the people to change their look. Instead of using chemical hair colors for changing the color of your hair there are natural products just like turmeric that can also give the same hair color especially if your hair looks gray. Using turmeric on a gray hair can make it look blonde. To achieve the blonde color with gray hair using turmeric just follow these simple methods.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add turmeric root into the bowl. Make the water to steep which will make the turmeric root to soak in the bowl of water. Then take only the liquid out of the bowl and prepare yourself for the styling process. Wear hand gloves and place a cloth around the shoulders to prevent the liquid from falling over your skin. Next bend your head down in the sink for applying the liquid over your hair from top to bottom with the help of your hands. First use this liquid on one strand of your hair to check its absorption rate. Use the same method using your hands over the other hair strands till it becomes fully saturated. Now you can brush the hair with the liquid and make it dry for fifteen minutes. Then you can get your hair washed as usual using a shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Go through your entire hair and it will look fully blonde.

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Using Turmeric To Change Hair Color

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Coloring a gray hair to look blonde can be done using various styling products. But there is another option that can be followed to change the gray hair at home by using turmeric. This is the best and natural way for changing the color of your hair that can be done without getting any help from a hairstylist. After creating the required hair color try to apply it over a strand of hair to check if you have any allergy for turmeric. Avoid using too much of turmeric in the water to prepare the color mixture as it can make the hair look yellow.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add 1/4 cup grated turmeric root in it. Leave the water to steep and cover it with a lid. Leave the grated turmeric root in the water till it becomes completely cool. Now take only water from the bowl and pour it in a bottle. Place a towel around the shoulders to prevent the mixture from falling on your cloths. Wear hand gloves and start using the mixture that is in the bottle all over the hair from root to end. You can use your fingers to do this and try to apply it over the hair in sections. After covering the hair with this mixture brush the hair and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wash the hair using a shampoo before applying a suitable hair conditioner all over the hair.

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