Twisting Bangs Technique

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Twisting bangs is a simple method that can be used to create the bangs in your hair. There are various types of styling techniques that are normally used to create bangs, but this one can be done by anyone. Make sure you are good at cutting the hair before beginning the styling process. You will be able to create only short bangs with the help of this technique and in case you are looking to achieve long bangs try to get some help from a hairstylist.
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Make sure to wash the hair before starting the process and try to make it completely dry. Then create a simple part in front of your head which will be sued for cutting and take the left out hair behind the head to make a ponytail. Comb your hair which is loose from the ponytail and start twisting them using the round brush if your hair is curly. Those who have straight hair must use flat brush for twisting the hair. You must twist the hair just few times and don’t put too much pressure. Now cut the bangs using a scissor and with the help of your fingers. Don’t worry on case your hair becomes straight during this process as it can be twisted once again at last. After this you can just shake the bangs with your fingers and texturize the hair ends using the scissor if required.

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