Curly Under Bob Hairstyle

under bob under bob2
Curly looking under bob can give the perfect look that you are planning to achieve with a short hair. This hairstyle can look stylist if you match it with a proper outfit. Most of the people want to make their short hair look really amazing with few simple styling techniques, but it can be made more outstanding if you curl the bob under. Make sure to use the styling tools such as blow dryer and flat iron in a proper manner without causing damage to your hair.
under bob3 under bob4

under bob5 under bob6
Begin the styling with a completely washed hair and use a pre-styling hair product like a gel on the hair to add more texture in it in case it is too thin. You can also apply hair products such as serum if you have a thick hair. Next use a blow dryer to make the hair dry along with the paddle brush and keep the hair slightly wet. Then create different section in the hair during the blow drying process to support the bend in your hair. Now use the flat iron all over the hair strands starting from the neck and try to make the hair ends straight to maintain the volume in it. Try to tuck your hair straightener slightly under while reaching the hair ends to create under-curl look. At last mist the entire hair using anti-humidity spray and brush the entire hair just using your fingers curling the hair ends under.

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