Updated Geisha Bun

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Geisha bun has been a very special hairstyle for some of the women. People have been updating this hairstyle to make it look more different than ever. You can create the updated Geisha bun with the help of simple hairstyling tools. This type of hairstyle can be created very easily by using few simple styling tools and techniques. While creating this look for the first time get support from a hairstylist by going to a saloon as you may make it look simple by doing it at home.
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First wash your entire hair with dry shampoo which can help to add more volume into the hair. Try to massage the shampoo into your hair using your fingers. Next comb the hair to make it more manageable. Now take the entire hair on top of the head just in front of your forehead and keep it secured using hair elastic. You can also wrap it as many times as possible to maintain the ponytail in place. Then make the ponytail a little loose using your fingers and try to twist your hair around it similar to the wrapping process and finally it must look a coil over the head. Use bobby pins for keeping the bun in place and once the bun stays in place in a perfect shape try to mist it with a finishing hairspray. You can use any type of small hair accessories for styling this hairstyle to make it look beautiful.

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