Hairstyle With Headband Updo

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Headband updo is a hairstyle which features a headband placed over the up to give a beautiful look.  It is a hairstyle that liked by some of the celebrities who want to keep their hair on top of the head. This hairstyle can be created easily at home with few simple steps. You must start the hairstyling on a day old hair. Avoid washing the hair on the day of your styling process as it can cause flyaways in your hair that can make it difficult to stay in place.
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To start your hairstyling, spread a little amount of texturizing gel all over your hair. Then try to brush the entire hair and don’t continue the styling without the brushing process. This will make the hairstyle look more voluminous. Next comb your hair which is at the back of the head and make a simple looking ponytail on top of your head. Try to twist your ponytail to create a ballerina bun and keep it secured with the help of bobby pins before misting it with anti-frizz spray. This will keep the hairstyle in place without causing any flyaways. Now you can take a headband of your preferred choice and place it over the head. If possible you can also create other type of hairstyle and wear the headband, but this is the best method to create an updo along with headband.

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