Using Straightener To Get Spiral Curls

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Spiral hair curls can be one of the most interesting way of styling your hair. There is no need to use the curling iron to create the spiral curls in your hair like as usual because you can also a straightener to get the same type of hairstyle. There are some people including celebrities who style the hair in the same ways most of the time as they can give a beautiful look. To do this you can just follow these simple steps.
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Begin your styling with a day old hair and don’t wash it on the day of your styling process. This can help in adding more old to your hair while creating the curls in it. First take a hair section using your hands and mist it with a heat protectant hairspray to prevent the hair from damaging with the heat produced by the hair straightener. Now use the hair straightener over the section of your hair that was separated and sprayed. You can simply spiral your hair section around the straightener and leave it on for few seconds. Next remove the hair straightener out of your hair section very gently and the spiral curls will start to appear immediately in the hair section. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts over your head and don’t leave the hair straightener over your hair for a long time as it can burn them.

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Using Barrettes On A Short Hair

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Barrettes are the perfect hair accessory to style a medium to long hair, but it is also possible to use them on a short hair. By following a particular method anyone with short hair can use the barrettes to style them in a perfect way. You can also use both bobby pins and barrettes to make the hairstyle look good.
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If you are using a small barrette, try to apply it over the bangs by just opening it gently with your hands. To take the entire bangs at the back of your head using the barrette try to mist it with a spray first. To make the bangs look beautiful, try to pull out small amount of hair for clipping it with the barrette. In case you want to make sure that your bangs don’t fall out of the barrette, try to use bobby pins to secure them perfectly. Another option that is available for styling the short hair is using a hair clip along with the barrette and try to match it with a proper outfit. Try to use small bobby pins to style the hair when you are using the barrette and push the bobby in into your hair in such a way that is covered by the hair strands. Use the bobby pins on both the sides of your head, so the hair is secured properly in place with the barrette.

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Using Curling Gel On A Straight Hair

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Curling hair gel is normally used to create curls in your hair, but the same product can be applied on the straight hair to make it curly. You must use your fingers to spread the gel evenly all over the hair, but try to get some practice to prevent damage to your hair. Just purchase the hair gel that is suitable fir your hair type. Consult a hairstylist before choosing the gel to create look you are trying to achieve.
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The first option is creating coils in your hair by wrapping the hair around fingers and securing them in place using pins. Then mist the hair with gel to end the process and you must use the double rod set on each hair parts that need to be curled. Next create a braid with your hair and remove them after few hours to make it look curly. There are chances to create the crimped look by following the braid method with your hair. Try to create a normal twist in your hair with your hands to make it look curly, but if you have a naturally straight it can be difficult to achieve the curls. Whichever method is used to create the curly look, make sure to spread a small amount of hair gel into the strands to make your styling process simple. Don’t use too much of gel on the hair as it can spoil the look.

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Using Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

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Aloe Vera is a natural product that can be used to improve your hair growth. There are different types of hair products available in the market, but some of the can be effective only for a short time. Using aloe vera can support in many ways to improve your hair growth. If you find any kind of irritation on the scalp after using any of these aloe vera products, avoid using it further.
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Before using aloe vera on the hair consult a hairstylist and go to a doctor to find out the exact reason for the hair fall. Then look for hair products that contain aloe vera, so you can use it directly over the hair. You can use the aloe vera hair gel over the scalp which has already lost hair as it features enzyme that can support hair growth only for some of them. Try to use the hair gel over the scalp directly and there is no need to worry about any side effects. You can also prepare your own shampoo with the help of aloe vera by mixing milk, wheat germ oil and aloe vera gel that can applied over the hair during each wash. There are also aloe vera hair lotions that can be applied over the hair and it can be purchased from an online store. This can help to revitalize your scalp and hair by preventing hair fall. Another option is using aloe vera along with a low-protein diet.

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Using Hot Comb On Your Hair

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Hot comb is known to be one of the best tools to make the hair look straight. But at the same time you must also be very careful while using this tool on the hair. The hot comb is available with different versions and the most used one is the Marcel iron which must be heated in the stove. The hairstylist will also use the same styling technique if you visit a saloon to make the hair straight. You must also know the right tool to use on the hair for making it straight.
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These combs are also available in different size and the Marcel iron has very small teeth that will look close to each other. You can use this tool even if the hair has been trimmed too short. Try to use wider combs if your hair looks thick. Don’t use the hot comb on the hair section for a longer time as it can burn them very easily. You can use the hot comb on a cloth before using it over the hair and make sure it is not too hot. The hot combs are very effective on the hair if you want to make them straight and it can be used without getting support from anyone. If you are trying this hair straightening methods for the first time try to get some support from a friend. Don’t pull the hair too much to use the straightening tool as it can cause breakage.

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Using Trimmer On Your Neck Hair

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Trimming your hair at the neck can keep it properly fixed if you have a short hair. Most of the time only men will keep their neck hair short when compared to women. But if you want to maintain a short hairstyle, then this method can be helpful in trimming your neck hair. Avoid using the trimmers high over your head which can spoil the entire look and try to use the trimmer over the natural hairline.
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First purchase a trimmer by consulting a hair specialist and then sit in front of the mirror during the styling process. You can use regular hair trimmers to achieve this look and make sure to decide about the hairline that is at the back of the head before starting the trimming. Try to maintain the hairline in a straight line at the back of the neck. Start your trimming process from one side of the head and gently move towards the other side. Try to trim the entire hair at the back till your make it look perfect. Use the same technique at the back of your head as well as the side of your head. You must be ready to trim the neck in this way very often once it has been trimmed to maintain it in a proper shape. If you don’t want to do this at home, try to get help from anyone or go to a hair specialist for good results.

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